Bitcoin Will Dethrone The US Dollar, No More Mining, Ripple Patents, Delistings & Mastercard + IOTA


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Bitcoin Will Dethrone The US Dollar, No More Mining, Ripple Patents, Delistings & Mastercard + IOTA

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  3. Doubt you’ll read this but I just want to say thank you for your research and commitment to your channel – genuinely appreciate it!

  4. Even if the nodes are decentralized, the network is not. Someone still controls the highways between the nodes.

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  7. Does anyone know if there is any truth to the White House announcement that xrp will take over from SWIFT on the 10th September. Charlie Ward stated it was on an official White House announcement but I can't find it.

  8. I totally agree 💯with you Mr. Joshua Fedrick understands the bitcoin and crypto market movements and knows when exactly to call/put with this, risk rate and loss rate has totally been less.?

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  10. Old burned out people always wait for the next generation to innovate and then they prohibit and change their rules just to accommodate themselves in front of everyone else and then "miraculously" and because they love you so much, they let you in
    when everything is to expensive and almost impossible to obtain,
    It's a rinse and repeat cycle that is never going to end,
    unless you teach the next generation about it.

  11. I promise you I'm not trying to be negative here just my thoughts …. but I think the US, china, and EU will bring out their tanks before they let btc to #1… I mean, China already controls something like 70% right?

  12. PS and the "Accredited Investor" laws are Fucking BULLSHIT, sorry for the language but designed to keep the rich,rich and the poor,poor My very biggest pet peeve

  13. Imo the US gov has to have been collecting bitcoin and may possibly be Satoshi being its using NSAs SHA-256 algo, they would be stupid not to accumulate, but I don't know

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  15. btc will moon, for sure. but freedom? give me an f break, when the rich 1 percent realize they couldn't destroy BTC, they are going to own it, and this is what they are starting to do now this year, all sorts of financial institution coming in buying up not just btc but all promising assets. yes ,it will cost them money, but they have money , lots of it. more than you and me the average joe who thought this is going to be a wealth transfer. no, in the end they will own most of the btc like they owning most of the asset now. nothing change. ever seen rich people flex with their 300 different Lambo? yes, it will be like that with BTC in the future, the only difference is you might have just one or two btc while they own thousands …………

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  17. Yeah maybe. I hold BTC. Currency is confidence. Thinking people who lose their confidence in the US Dollar will put their confidence in a new school fiat digital currency may be a bit of a leap. Then there is Jim Rogers criticism about the central banks, who have pretty much gone as far as financing wars to protect their control over the people's money for all of history. If you think they'll let go of that control easily you are a dreamer my friend. Still, maybe.

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