Bitcoin: Whats Really Happening

In this video, I focus on what’s actually occurring with Bitcoin.

Unlike 2019, Bitcoin will not be in a retail-driven bubble. Rather, Bitcoin is now beneath regular accumulation by millionaires, billionaires, firms, and monetary establishments.

These Bitcoin are being completely taken out of circulation, in accordance with Gresham’s Law. Most millionaires and billionaires won’t ever promote this Bitcoin; fairly they might borrow in opposition to it, which is a extra tax-efficient technique that retains the Bitcoin within the household eternally.

Not funding recommendation! Consult a monetary advisor.

Why Bitcoin doesn’t seem like tulips:

US Eagle cash:

Gresham’s Law:

Bitcoin now owned by firms:

How a lot Bitcoin Michael Saylor personally owns:

Mexican billionaire strikes 10% of liquid web value into Bitcoin:

How Elon Musk borrows in opposition to his Tesla inventory:

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Bitcoin: Whats Really Happening

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  1. Dont want to burst your bubble (exscuse the pun :)) In order to get to a valuation of 3 million one of two things need to happen…

    No 1. the market cap needs to rise to 21'ish trillion dollars were currently at approximately €340 Billion so For Bitcoin to reach
    $1 million, it would basically have to become a global digital currency used by hundreds of millions every day. This is simply not going to happen.

    No2. the other way to get to your target of $1-3 million is if the economy hyper-inflates to the extreme, in that case yes your target could be achieved…however the purchasing power of your $1-3 million at that stage would be a miniscule fraction of its current purchasing power.

    I personally think all these crazy predictions of the valuation of BTC is irresponsible and unfair people obviously want to hear these overhyped valuations but they aren't realistic. I realise this wont be a popular comment but hey its realistic. I do believe that we will be in six figures in a few years, but their will be a lot of bumps along the way, as we are having right now a drop of 17% and will probably continue down to 30%…Enjoy the journey people and keep the faith 🙂

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  3. HOLY F%&K. Look at this HUGE collapse. All of you who were calling for "parabolic gains," LOOK AT THE MASSIVE MASSIVE DROP!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love it. Following this leverage in stocks too. Just using a max. of 33% leverage. Also have some basic stocks like J&J, FB, Unilever in my portfolio. So a margin call is very unlikely. But by doing this i can buy for 1.33 USD with a deposit of 1.00 USD and collect dividend on some stocks as well as participating in rising prices. With todays interest rates it is really like stealing candy from a baby.

  5. I think Cathie Woods has a billion dollars of bitcoin, on the low-key, in a hard crypto wallet.she sleeps with it under her pillow, laughing at the world every night!

  6. Honestly u r genius thanks now the only question remain where to hold the btc until 2028 not ledger nano not online wallet but where is the safest most secure way to hold one btc without loosing it or some one hack or steal it any idea , it would be greatly appreciate it thanks again✅1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

  7. I believe will hit margin call when BTC fall by 33%? Because only $1 million is the equity and $2 million came from the borrowed money. Correct me if I am wrong, thank you! Nice video by the way =)

  8. Look up Kava labs.for example. Do not sell your Crypto. Take out a loan against it. 33% capital gains in Ireland. Pay no Tax. Well done.

  9. Hi Matt, what happens when all Bitcoins have been mined? Who will run the show? Miners would not be incentivised any longer; especially if Bitcoin becomes store of value and there are no many transactions

  10. I have a really hard time understanding what it means to borrow "against" something. I don't know how lending and collateral works.

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    Instagram @wadehilder_fx

  12. Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country[men/women]. You have been doing a lot for your country during a horrible pandemic, Matt. Thank you. PS: I will be visiting Gettysburg, Pennsylvania over the weekend to pay my respects to the site, where President Lincoln delivered on Nov 19, 1863 (yesterday, 157 years ago), one of the most memorable speeches in American history.

  13. hey matthew, do you think it’s a bad idea selling btc toward the end of the cycle with the plan to buy back in when btc drops back down for the next bear market?

  14. Amazon is a company that provides services people need. Bitcoin is only speculation. Your comparison is flawed

  15. No kids. Too complicated the world we live in. Problem is I have to buy one or two more Bitcoin; I only have two.. Will enjoy it and donate the rest to some poor world community. ( with lots of kids!). Hey 👍 great info Matthew!

  16. Trusting the blackwebfunds on telegram brings blessing to my life my Indian people let’s trust this man he is legit I just confirmed 3btc in my wallet

  17. Damn Matthew you knocked that one out of the park…..
    You have single-handedly turned my cheek on the whole subject and I believe now.
    Not just by this video but definitely in the last few months I know I’m late to the party but I am stacking and going without vacations and road trips just covering the amenities and stacking.
    Thanks again man even if it’s all a bust we can say at least we were ready if it really happened.

  18. 3 millions … I'm very skeptical of that target without 2028. I only expect 100-150k within next two years and 600k in 2028

  19. Looks like your scammer is back at it. Pretty sure that wasn’t you responding to my comment below. HEY! Fake Matthew-guy… we’re all on to you. Take a hike, you’re wasting your time here. All of us aren’t a bunch of low-life’s with IQs of room temperature – you ain’t fooling any of us.

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