Bitcoin WHAT This Reversal Means! (Secret Signals) January 2020 Price Prediction, News & Analysis

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Bitcoin WHAT This Reversal Means! (Secret Signals) January 2020 Price Prediction, News & Analysis

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  1. I was raised a practical business man who is always taking advantage of now to build a better life for myself. I have seen and experienced most market trend and I can say with confidence, it’s financially smart to start and/or keep accumulating more bitcoins because of the possibilities in the short term that’s clearly more profitable as a trader. Being a trader gives you a very good leverage to profit and I trade daily using Allan Shaw’s signals and his accuracy and efficiency is unmatched and thus making him the best signal provider I have used. I trade daily and hold a certain percent of my profit while investing the rest into my real estate business. Allan is a true resource in the space today and can be reached on WhatsApp: (+48 732121976) or Telegram (@Allanshaw) both for his insight and signals.

  2. Thanks .. Always love the content.. the Ivan stream was good too! Probably the best 2 youtubers, plus throw in some Zombie every so often for a laugh…

  3. TA blablabla⚠️ it takes 3 to 5 days for fiat to make it on an exchange. Iranian général killed 5 days ago… That's your pump & slump. Blah

  4. Bcash can be used as a strength indicator for bitcoin. If you have doubts check what b cash is doing. It front runs moves by an hour or so. Be careful for the fake out though it’s rare but it happens.

  5. “Secret Signals” + that image of you at the desk made me lol. Quality analysis and lols, what more could you want

  6. Hi Eric, The thumbnail has a red gradient running through it on the bottom…I thought you didn't upload today / got worried something went down at the Brazilian Churrascaria! Crypto Cave Time! Favorite part of my day!

  7. i appreciate your video's and the time you spend on them, but im not going to keep abusing my speakers to hear you talk, please normalize your mic volume, if you dont know what that means google it, its realllllly fucking anoying when something else on my pc makes a noise and the neighbors can hear it.

  8. Cheers Krown. Not sure it’s too informative looking for alts to provide leading BTC price info right as alt season has never occurred again. Btc dominance is the best metric I think. Alts is the dumb money. Too many and projects mostly a joke. Cheers always learning from you.

  9. Bitcoin was heading up on threat of war. Now that there's no war we will continue the downtrend.

  10. on point as ever, Thankyou for your TA, Best on Youtube by far, has helped me become a better trader.

  11. Hey Krown do you ever talk about the Gaussian channel? Is it important? I just heard we fell into it again which doesn’t seem good, that’s just what I hear, I don’t know much about it and I value your opinion. Thanks

  12. Hi Eric, do you see a direct correlation between the Iranians bombing the American bases in Iraq ( seeing Bitcoin pump) and then Trump saying no retaliation (Bitcoin dump) ?

  13. These 40 minute vids focusing on btc and relevant markets are great! I used to have to watch a massive live stream to get this information! I’m in the Uk so watch it first thing in the morning too! Thanks Krown!

  14. Overall we are still bearish on the weekly. The daily still ok, but the rejection is a bit harsh. So i will stay bearish.

  15. Hey, Eric I´ll take a second to thank you for these daily videos. This is highly appreciated, brother. All the best for you and Elsa.

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