Bitcoin Vs Litecoin Vs Bitcoin Cash (Comparison)

Bitcoin is nice range to retailer worth and preform giant peer to see transactions. It could be very priceless as a result of, its safety was by no means compromised. Risk its safety and decentralization as a way to improve block measurement might not be the perfect reply for scaling for the long run. Litecoin is greatest for conduction smaller peer to see transaction, as a result of discount of affirmation time makes Litecoin the quickest out of all three. Bitcoin Cash has the most affordable transaction charges out of all three cash and it’s in all probability has the perfect use case when it come to day-to-day transactions, however giant blocks measurement restrict could trigger some vulnerability in terms of decentralization and safety


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? Cardano vs Icon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeadtSNC2CQ

? ICON Explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcypFaeDGX0

? Monero vs Zcash vs Dash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAwrBuY45vQ


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Bitcoin Vs Litecoin Vs Bitcoin Cash (Comparison)

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  1. I'm new to cryptocurrency and am really glad I didn't get sucked in by bitcoin cash. I'm actually looking at Ethereum now – not LTC. Also, I realize this video is over 2 years old – so times have already changed.

  2. Bitcoin = King 🤴
    Litecoin = Copy 🖨
    Bcash = SCAM ⚰🚽🧻🕳💩💩💩

    …….. as simple as that!🤷‍♂️

  3. If YOU research,it seems the Chinese Gov't in the future will destroy BITCOIN.They have the capability to pull on the hashpower and most miners find themselves located in China (you could research articles how China has the capability to destroy Bitcoin).
    Now if Bitcoin is destroyed,it will affect all the other forks as well–they might come to a halt.Now LTC is the only that is just a copycat and not a fork from Bitcoin and also the algorithm of Scrypt is faster and wont need much miners from Chinese hashpower.The only thing is that Charlie Lee must disappear or plan his death.Because once the Chinese bring down Bitcoin,all the government will come,knock on the door of all the CEO's,programmers,creators and shut down all the Crypto projects..Everyone is in business for now,because Bitcoin permits them.But once Bitcoin is gone,then they all will be gone…Unless if LTC survives with other projects,but like i Said,Charlie Lee's life will be in danger and the government are gonna be attempting to find him so they could force him to shut down his project.Why Charlie Lee you may ask???.
    Because Charlie got rid of majority of his LTC coins-his coins are all over running wild and he cannot acquire them back,nor he cannot shut it down because then the people will have to rise up or help Charlie Lee for LTC to stay in business or survive.Because all the other cryptos that don't have an "anonymous" creator and the creator is a public figure like for example Vitalik from Ethereum,the Gov't officials will have him shut down his Ethereum project or allow the government to run his blockchain…Governments always want ALL THE POWER AND CONTROL,ALWAYS.Mankind has never had real freedom from kings,bankers nor politicians in allowing the people of controlling their money destiny.

  4. There was never much point to litecoin, was there? Just another bitcoin knock-off, isn't it? Bitcoin never needed a "silver".

  5. Let's face it:
    LTC is faster,
    LTC has more TPS,
    LTC has the same 1mb (which is good in long term),
    LTC transaction fees much lower ($0.02 vs $2 by BTC),
    and furthermore LTC has no forks (which is good!!), imagine situation:

    in the near future in a shop:
    Buyer: do you receive Bitcoins?
    Store worker: Yes, of course, no problem! Which one: BTC, BCH, BT SV, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Atom, Bitcoin Green, Bitcoin Private, Bitcoin interest, BitcoinZ, Bitcoin Plus, Bitcoin Token, Bitcoin Zero…….?
    Buyer (interrupting): Hmm, I'll pay with Litecoin.
    Store worker: Thank you!

    to sum up LTC has much better solution in all the metrics… I think I'll go with LTC.

  6. You're wrong about Roger Ver.
    The lightning network will not work and the current Bitcoin cannot scale without a block size increase.

  7. Last week, there wasn’t any serious news that could somehow affect the market dynamics. To be fair, the collapse below 6,000 USD wasn’t accompanied by any fundamental events either, so the return of Bitcoin to the previous resistance level may be expected with no informational reasons as well. Remember the collapse that started in late 2017 and gave rise to a bearish trend. The collapse was caused exactly by speculations amidst rumours which seems to only get worse. This week may well be remembered for a reverse of the crypto market to some optimism. Bitcoin has managed to get support at $4,000. Purchases are gradually gaining momentum, that allowed the value to exceed the $4,000 threshold. Needless to say that the BTC rebounds after an excessive oversold earlier but a downward reversal is still expected which may see bitcoin dip below the $3,000 support. This makes this period perfect for not just buying more bitcoins but also trading with the right strategies and patterns structured for this prevailing market trends. Caution must be taken though especially if you ain't experienced enough so you don't lose your funds. For those beginner, intermediate and even advanced traders who may still find it difficult turning in consistent profit, would always suggest you seek his advice and guidance because i personally have used his services is Peter Harrison ([email protected]) . He is someone i and my colleagues have worked with and used his strategies both in bullish and bearish markets. His analysis are so sound and that helps him generate very accurate signals which i still use today and with which i have made over $75,000 already in profit. You can reach him by the mail address provided and ask him for any assistance you may need as regards cryptocurrency and how to profit as a trader.

  8. You should compare DigiByte to these, which is better then BTC, LTC and BCH hands down. DGB will raise to the top and be King. Do some serious research on DGB and do a comparison. Mind blowing! Go DGB!

  9. Litecoin with the lightning network is the future of all decentralized transactions…
    Bitcoin cash can go F them selves… shady bastards…

  10. less Blocktime = more STALE blocks. every block takes time to propagate trough the network! I'm all-in on second layer solutions! like Lightning network !

  11. why doesn't the real bitcoin community makes another website. with accurate info and links! trough consensus on github or something. do some marketing and with as many domain names possible. because RogerVer shouldn't be in charge of that domain

  12. Bitcoin Core's version BTC is no longer working as usable Bitcoin system, Litecoin has exact same issues that BTC has (deliberately small blocks and no intention to scale on-chain, both have SegWit hack which removed the digital signatures which turns it into an Altcoin, because Bitcoin is, among other things, a chain of digital signatures, and intention to use the centralised Lightning network payment system instead of on-chain decentralised Bitcoin system).

    This video is highly biased against Bitcoin Cash, which shows when the guy in the video says that Bitcoin Cash us trying to attack BTC and take its market share. Truth is that the ONLY reason Bitcoin Cash was created is because Bitcoin BTC was hijacked by bankers, through corporation called Blockstream which bankers created and fund.

    Bitcoin Cash BCH is the only true version of Bitcoin system, one that is usable and reliable.
    Please watch my videos to learn about scaling debate, and to learn real reason why this split happened why Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin and BTC no longer is.

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