Bitcoin Vs Gold | Best Investment In An Economic Crisis

Bitcoin vs. Gold Whats one of the best funding in an financial disaster? When the world is believed to be falling to items, then 1 explicit asset previously has been a improbable protected haven to carry your wealth. Whatever your views are on the yellow metallic, you can’t deny golds effectiveness at safeguarding wealth.

In instances of financial panic some investments carry out higher than others. Being invested throughout a spread of various asset courses will help to offset declines within the others. When shares fall, traditionally gold has risen.

So, ought to we be gold? After all, gold has been an unbelievable place to retailer wealth for 1000’s of years and has survived the collapse of civilisations.

But now theres a brand new child on the block Bitcoin and different related crypto currencies. Bitcoin shares most of the identical properties as gold however with distinctive options, which probably offers it an edge. Will Bitcoin ultimately topple gold because the go-to defensive asset? Only time will inform.

In this video were going to have a look at the options of gold that make it such a great hedge towards recessions, and the way it compares to bitcoin. By the top of the video youll know precisely the place to retailer your wealth to protect towards an financial disaster. Lets test it out.


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Bitcoin Vs Gold | Best Investment In An Economic Crisis

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  1. I'm mostly a gold bug but have a bit of bitcoin just in case. I do have a couple of concerns with BC…some of which you mention in the video. #1 Liquidity. When I bought my first BC, it was a pain in the ass! My bank and brokerage accounts wouldn't even link to the exchange. I really had to jump through some hoops to fund my initial purchase. Additionally, its tough to spend. Not only do a lot of places not take it but in times of real crisis, you can't exchange it without the technology that backs it up. #2 Volatility. Anything with big price swings isn't a safe store of value. #3 Competition. This is my biggest concern. A US digital dollar is coming….and the gov't doesn't like competition. With out the treasury's blessing BC could be locked out of the banking system and that will be the end of BC.

  2. Don’t waste your time with bitcoin and crypto currency because it doesn’t generate wealth and has no value. So your hoping that someone will pay more for your bitcoin then you did. When the music stops it’s not going to end well. Block chain is a useful technology so keep on developments with that. As for gold I’m sceptical about gold stocks because more gold is being traded then what is on the planet so if you’re buying gold make sure you can actually see what you’ve brought and put it a safe deposit box in a bank. Gold is a psychological investment because if you look at the historical data investing in the stock market has always out performed gold.

  3. most my wealth (about 60%)is stored in bitcoin, . 10% stocks and the rest is in cash. i dont own and dont plan on owning any gold any time soon. but if i were to buy some it would differently be physical gold as apposed to derivatives on a exchange

  4. Great Video guys !

    Fair and balanced.

    You are absolutely right, you don't need to choose between the 2, they can compliment each other.

  5. Hi, could you please answer this question of mine.
    For us UK folks, if we invest in US market, our dividend is taxed at 15% in the US, and then taxed again in the UK, right?

    Is it still worth investing in the US market for dividend if that's the case?


  7. What assets underlie bitcoin? Also is it a true currency? Fair play to those who understand it and make money from it but I like simplicity and Bitcoin seems anything but simple. I used to have a neighbour who held many physical gold coins in his bedroom, For me no to bitcoin and looked into gold but it was all sold off by Gordon Brown 🙂

  8. Great video guys. Have always enjoyed your content, but I'm particularly keen on this quieter stripped back style!

  9. I have a little over 10% in bitcoin, 5% in gold and 5% in silver, but I’m feeling very bullish about the price of silver as well as bitcoin for a few reasons

  10. I like bitcoin but I would never buy it. As an Idea its great but it will be outlawed if it becomes too mainstream. The lightening network is genius and I know several people who have built raspberry pis to contribute to the network, the more nodes on the network the better it will be.

    I am still a precious metals guy though and I hold 30% of my portfolio in gold and silver!

  11. Bitcoin can be used to buy goods and services if loaded onto a debit card. Coinbase offer this service via Visa Card

  12. I don't have any gold in my portfolio but I do have around 20% in bitcoin which I now add to regularly. Its a bit over weighted but this will change with time. Getting in whilst the going is good.

  13. Don’t get me wrong, I’m less bearish on bitcoin than I was before the Covid printy printy currency debasement fest. but I’m concerned that crypto is maybe just another fiat currency – backed by nothing and valuable because some ‘let it be so’. OK, cryptos can’t just be digitally created like fiat. But you can expand the supply simply by creating more and more crypto currencies. First we had bitcoin, but now we have loads of different forks – Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold etc etc. Is that not just the same as creating more currency?

  14. I'm one of few I guess posting comments here that is an institutional investor in BTC. I do not invest in gold as there is an unknown quantity and despite opinions, supply could be increased at will and is largely a controlled asset class. BTC might be unregulated but that is a pro to those with the requisite knowledge and as a speculative asset class, the upside potential is huge. Our intention is to never sell, but eventually utilise the value as an adopted currency and corporate asset. I'd urge everyone to research BTC, it is one of the most exciting things to happen in the modern age; be subjective, don't be seduced by gains, or disturbed by the horror stories; a lot worse happens in the banking system.

  15. The price of the Bitcoin transactions is too high for everyday use as shopping, I agree. But we have to keep in mind it's still a young technology, it still can be developed for different uses and to work with different systems, I think. Think of how many years it took the Internet to be adopted for most people, or the telephone. Bitcoin has just started.
    And, obviously, those who bought Bitcoin at its historical high haven't made any profit yet but just by supply/demand you "know" the price will go up and eventually get to a new maximum. Even if the demand just stays the same, the price is going to go up because the supply will go down. And the demand is going to go up because each day more companies, people and governments are getting involved in the crypto currencies system. The price short term is volatile because it's not massively adopted yet, but it will get more stable with time. But if you don't mind to be patient and invest money you're not going to need to use soon in Bitcoin, I think you'll get good results.

  16. gold/silver are not a investment they are wealth preservation why do you think central banks buy it buy the ton, bitcoin is not limited it has hard forked. and any one can create there own coin or jump to a cheaper coin it may not be called bitcoin if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck just under a different name. the closes thing to that in the physical would be turning another metal into PM, or mining space rocks which would crash the price making not viable to afford. also do you think the central bank would let you do that. bitcoin is a speculative instrument. you think the people bought at the top are holding there more likely dumping it and breaking even or making a slight loss or profit. also the US dollar and £ are crptyo currency what % do you think they have to the digtal digits on the screen

  17. I've held Bitcoin for a couple of years, and only been trading for about 6 weeks. I'm about 12% up on bitcoin and about 15% on trades (swing trading). 81/19 Bitcoin/stocks with no gold

  18. 20% of all bitcoins have already been lost and will never come back. as more people die or hard drive die. more bitcoins will be lost. at what % does bitcoin currency not become viable, lets say that bitcoin never gets lost there are 20 mil coins and more than 7 bil on earth, that is not enough coins. and whats to stop me IPO my own coin and keeping a large % when bit coin becomes over priced and the next joe blog doing the same thing. cannot do that with physical.

  19. Have you guys been watching Mike Maloney? I'm a gold bug, if you ever want more in depth advice please let me know. One tip is if you buy coins with a face value you can avoid cgt.

  20. I've got 10% in bitcoin but 25% of my total portfolio is cryptocurrencies. Only time will tell if I've made the right move…

  21. I neither own Gold or Bitcoin and see no reason to own either. The arguments to buy either are thin at best, other than when stock markets fall gold has in the past risen. However this is a short term misunderstanding of Investing. When the stock market fell / Crashed rather than rushing to buy Gold or Bitcoin i rushed to buy the s & p 500 etf…..the Index fell to 2200 which was just totally illogical , i then bought the ftse 100 & Euro 50 etfs…..both of which fell massively, so where on SALE…….Happy days !

  22. Botcoin will make another big bull run this year, mark my words. Gold has peaked and is going downhill from here.

  23. Bitcoin is gambling, I've got a finance channel inspired by money unshackled and it's better to invest most of your money in an total market ETF! Come check it out 🙂

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