Bitcoin Traders Are Buying RuneScape Gold (OSRS)

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I’ve talked about OSRS Bots, RuneScape gold farming, and even corrupt Jmods. Today’s story is nothing like several of that. This is why Bitcoin merchants are utilizing RuneScape gold as their beginning type of on-line forex.



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Bitcoin Traders Are Buying RuneScape Gold (OSRS)

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  1. this is why these videos about this vintage software showed up years ago as somehow still an active phenomena

  2. The guy with the box of cereal in the beginning only made that money because his Grandmother gave him $1000 to buy bitcoin but he still bought it good for him

  3. Yes, I joked about this not long ago to my clan and now it's really talked about. I had no clue it may have already been a thing people were hoping for. I hope it really becomes a thing. I also wish I didn't go broke recently when I died and couldn't sign back in lol. RIP LOTD RING 🙁

  4. Lol back in 2011 I got into Crypto using RS coins. There were lots of groups. That is how I also found out about Altcoins. Lol those guys would trade hundreds or thousands of coins. Lots people Bitcoin for the first time through it.

  5. I’ve made thousands of dollars selling gold off this game. It has never ruined the game for me one bit, simply a staking accounts I have funds in to gamble with and main to pvp/pvm to have fun in and no I’m not from a third world country. I work full time in the military and use it as a side hustle.

  6. Bitcoin was started by someone who privitized the service, no different than tge federal reserve everytime you buy in or spend you empower the capitalist who crested the service to begin with, they created it to mimic the success of the federal reserve.

  7. I'll be honest in my own opinion. it's scummy you're exposing the inner beasts of RuneScape. I've dedicated so much breath into this game and still will. I don't think it's cool you're bringing a lot of heat into RuneScape because of all the talk about money. That attracts governments, regulations, and restrictions. I like freedom with privacy. Not control and publicity. I have a hunch someone caught on to this video somewhere along the line and that's part of the reason why RuneScape has transferred ownership to that mega-corp. You're the Upton Sinclair of JaGeX. Thanks for demoralizing my faith in the great humanity of OSRS. Go find a better hobby than muckraking a damn MMO.

  8. Drop trade the gold between the two accounts and there will be no trade record for Jagex to pull up.

  9. Im not sure what the chances are of "Duping" Bitcoin, but I tell You, eventually someone WILL find a way to fully Dupe Runescape GP, and the currency will become worthless within a few months. Its happened before on previous Runescape versions, it will happen again.

  10. Deeply happy I come across this trustworthy vendor been a second time of getting CC from her smithjuli
    On telegram much love I have for you 💯✅

  11. Ive been saying gp is the oldest and most reliable cryptocurrency for so long. Only in the past couple years have people stopped laughing when I say it.

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