Bitcoin The Price Is RIGHT! June 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis

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Bitcoin The Price Is RIGHT! June 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis

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  1. I like to think of myself as a trader but in reality I am a stay at home dad so I a attempting your type of success. Thank you for everything you do!

  2. If anyone asks you are my mentor you are fucking great. Thank you for the fantastic free content I am happy to have access to your stuff brother I have been watching you for about a year. Gives me something to look forward to.

  3. Buying and holding seems to be what most crypto analysts offer as the best strategy for becoming financially independent say in 5-10years from now but we can just relax and critically look into their short term projections before tossing our long term achievements into their control? Over 90% of them said 1BTC will equal $ 25,000 by 2020, I also started trading using Benjmain's daily signals which are so accurate, I made 357% profit on 1BTC in just 4 weeks. If you have any issues and need his expert opinion, you can reach him on WhatsApp: +16042457256, Telegram @BJKcrypto concerning his trade system and for more information regarding his signals

  4. When you want to know what crown has to say but the video is uploaded 13 hours ago and the news already become outdated

  5. The market is waiting for another bitmex price manipulation. Their mission is to get everyone bearish to take coins from us ;/

  6. From a fundamental side, the EU is going to start stimulating so it makes sense for DXY and Eurodollar to do what you're suggesting

  7. Bull Run or not the important thing is to learn how to trade. As for me Thomas Hubert helps me increase my crypto massively by trading.

  8. "Krown! Why didn't you review BlehDeBleh Coin? Don't you know it's fundamentals? Don't you know that after I've piled my reserve Humus fund into its ICO that it will facilitate blockchain quantum leaping and allow me to go back and kill Hitler on the battlefields of WW1 ? Don't you know!? And what about MehDeMeh coin that accesses the Popes dreams? Don't you know!?" Etc, etc ad infinitum…

  9. Cant wait for the 4th of July I will moving into the cave, I have a knowledge of how to build fires 😅😅😅

  10. Krown is a human and make mistakes too.
    Few months ago he was bullish on EURUSD and he even change his own money to EUR 🙂
    He also said TSLA top is in 🙂

  11. Digibyte finally got listed on Binance today. Known, been following this channel since early 2018 and it’d be amazing if you could look at that shit coin chart quick in one of your videos. Thanks my dude

  12. Thanks for all your insight. I've been watching almost everyday since I discovered you. You were doing a guest appearance, and were talking with Tyler Jenks for a few mins. Once I checked out your channel I was hooked!!! Now, my understanding has grown dramatically. Thanks again for all you do!

  13. Crown bullish on the USD and bearish on the EURO over the next 10 years literally is what the dollar milkshake theory states crazy if that actually plays out

  14. its not a trend of lower highs anymore. This last local high broke that by just barely ticking above the october 2019 high. That was the trigger for bullish continuation.

  15. Hey man, awsome video as always, thanks for your insight and dedication. I'm a bit puzzle with the Historical Volatility Percentile that you show. It doesn't give me the same reads as you. May I ask if you have a customize set up for this indicator? Cheers and have a nice day!

  16. The BTC chart is bearish as fuck. And what whale would take all the risk of buying now. The timing is off. BTC is going down. Hitting the end of the pattern is bearish.

  17. Thanks for the vid. Isn’t liquidity a driver of markets? If so, the money printer go brrrrr meme would be accurate as the FED is providing liquidity to the market.

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