Bitcoin: The Future, Or Worlds Greatest Scam?

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In April 2021 a single Bitcoin was price over $60,000. But is Bitcoin the long run? Or only one large elaborate rip-off?

Its time we examine Bitcoin, and the rise of cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin first started when a white paper titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System started to flow into on a cryptography mailing record.

The white paper was signed by a person going by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. And to this date, Nakamotos identification has nonetheless not been totally confirmed.

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the very first block on the Bitcoin blockchain and set into movement a collection of occasions that may result in the cryptocurrencys present fame and standing.

But I do know what you is likely to be considering:

What even is Bitcoin? What is blockchain? What is mining? What is a cryptocurrency? Why was Bitcoin even created? Does Bitcoin even have any worth? And how may this Bitcoin be price tens of 1000’s of {dollars}? Is all of it only a huge rip-off?

The debate surrounding Bitcoin is huge, and theres no scarcity of opinions on the topic. In this collection well try and dissect the historical past and motivations behind the cryptocurrencys creation, in addition to the massive debate on the subject.

Well attempt to reply the query of whether or not Bitcoin actually is price one thing, or whether or not the investments which have been put into Bitcoin are nothing however pure hypothesis.

In this primary half we can even dive into the technicalities of what blockchain technology truly is, the way it works, and why its so essential.

If youve heard of an NFT then this can even be essential in understanding they’re as nicely. NFTs are additionally working on blockchain expertise.

I might additionally advocate watching 3brown1blues video on the topic:

This collection isnt going to focus an excessive amount of on the funding aspect of Bitcoin while that also performs a task within the story, were extra centered on the motivations and the controversy on the subject.

However, I do imagine that by understanding WHAT you’re investing in, you form your self up for a a lot better monetary determination than simply blindly following FOMO and probably risking your hard-earned cash.


All supplies in these movies are used for academic functions and fall inside the tips of honest use. No copyright infringement is meant. If you’re or symbolize the copyright proprietor of supplies used on this video and have an issue with using mentioned materials, please contact me by way of my e-mail within the “about” web page on my channel.

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Prologue – 00:00

Chapter I: In Fiat We Trust 2:16

Chapter II: Magic Internet Money 7:01

Chapter III: The Impossible Rise 11:35

Chapter IV: Institutions – 17:16

Conclusion – 19:17

Bitcoin: The Future, Or Worlds Greatest Scam?

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    Update: Tesla is now no longer accepting Bitcoins as payment for car purchases due to environmental concerns.

  2. Respectfully.
    All cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will only be worth as much as the next guy is willing to pay for it.
    If the next person believes the future value of bitcoin will go up, than they will buy it at what ever cost.
    All those so called bitcoin experts have "skins" in the game.
    They have every interest to talk it up and drive up the price.
    Many million and billionaires that hold bitcoin are in the position they are because they bought bitcoin for pennies or a few dollars per coin and have been trumpeting bitcoin ever since.
    It's crazy how some people have nothing going for them except bitcoin.
    They have little if any financial or educational background but they are able to convince people to buy into this bitcoin phenomenon and become rich almost over night.
    People use to become rich by producing something of substance and tangible, but in this world of virtual products
    I guess anything goes.
    The more buyers they can drum up, the richer they will be.
    In the early stages of bitcoin, my son told me a guy paided for a pizza dinner with bitcoin.
    That pizza dinner would be worth hundreds of million today. Imagine all that because people have drummed up it's value.

    I think we all know the 2 largest populations in the world (China and india) have prohibited the use of bitcoin as currency.
    1.45 billion people in china can not own bitcoin. I know because I was there 2 months before the covid-19 lockdowns.
    Only a handful of rich people that have off shore access can open up a digital wallet so the communist party can't check.
    The ccp doesn't have control of what's happening out of the country. (Thank god)
    The rich Chinese that have their kids in school in a foreign countries can buy bitcoin.

    I think it's fair to say that the majority of economists around the world believe Asia will be the economic power in the near future.
    Many have already said that the (world reserve currency status of the US dollar will fall) the only reason all that fiat money printing in the USA has not devalued the dollar is bc they are still the world's reserve currency.
    The USA has created at least 40% of it's base money supply since covid-19 started. The USA would be in a deep depression already if not for the endless money creation, stimulus packages and free cheques to it's citizens.
    But looks like that will change soon.

    What do we think will happen when Asia take over as the global financial center and bitcoin is banned?
    Bitcoin will go up again in the short term, but in the end, when IMF and governments around the world put out their own cryptocurrencies. (Remember no government wants competition to their own digital fiat currencies) bitcoins days will be numbered.
    Any government who has their own cryptocurrencies will be passing laws and policies against none government cryptocurrencies.
    I think most thinking people will agree with that. (bc that's only logical)

    Bitcoin needs a constant stream of new buyer in the market or it will drop. Does that remind anyone of other (so called punzi schemes?)
    Like I said, it's a digital fiat currency.
    Sure it a new technology. The world is full of new technologies (new for their time) that failed in the end.
    We all remember BETA and VHS, VCRs then CDs and Lazer disks right?
    Where are they now?
    I was at a garage sale where they had a Lazer disk player for $5.
    When that lazer disk player 1st came out, it was around $1000.
    Heck no one makes movies etc in that format anymore, it stopped years ago.
    You mind as well use that player as a door stop.
    Unfortunately bitcoin is based on an idea in the virtual world.
    The idea of blockchain can be used in many other fields, not just cryptocurrencies.
    We use to say paper money is printed on worthless notes (eventually) and backed by nothing.
    Bitcoin is only virtual on the internet, you can't even touch it.
    What happens when a disaster strikes or the power goes out like in Texas last winter?
    (Much less loss of internet access)
    People with millions in bitcoin can't touch or access their bitcoin.
    All bitcoin activities were forced to come to a complete/grinding hault.
    Try trading or using it to barter in a time of need, conflict or even worse scenarios.
    We all know what happens to fiat currencies in the end. It's only a matter of time whether it's a paper fiat or digital fiat.
    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are having it's day in the sun now, but that unfortunately will end one day soon enough.
    To all those people that are praising bitcoin and telling stories about how much they have made so far, I say (good on you).
    Enjoy it while it last.
    Now they have people paying for nft (non fungible tokens) and invisible art. They call it new virtual collectibles.
    You don't need to believe a word I say.
    Especially those that are under 30 years of age. You've never been through hard times.
    I'm simply pointing out the truth.
    I know some don't agree with what I've said, and that's fine but please don't use disrespectful comments to dismiss everything.
    Instead, back it up with evidence and reasoning like mature adults.

    Cryptocurrencies brings on a whole entirely new set of issues with taxation,
    inherentance, geo magnetic (solar flares) interruptions to the power grid, natural disasters and storms etc.
    We have come to learn that nothing online is safe from "hackers" if the reward is big enough for them.
    If you are assessed by the IRS (CRA in Canada) and they deem you owe them money on your cryptocurrencies earnings, but unfortunately your account is hacked. You still owe them the money no matter what.
    They are not going to forgive the debt and say "I'm sorry your acct got hacked so we will just forgive your debt to us"
    That's not going to happen.
    They are not just going to dismiss it.

    I have to stop here, I don't want to go on too long.

    People need to think for themselves, not just run with the herd. Follow people with their own agenda and tell you what is real.

    Believe me there are more.
    Time will tell.

  3. I Discovered it’s was a scam, when I wanted to cash out my funds, which I couldn’t. But DANTECHIES got my Investment recovered back

  4. I Discovered it’s was a scam, when I wanted to cash out my funds, which I couldn’t. But DANTECHIES got my Investment recovered back

  5. The wisest thing that should be on everyone mind currently should be to invest in different stream of income that doesn't depend on the government especially with the current economic crisis around the world

  6. Sorry please read David Graeber, "Debt: The First 5000 years" – Barter did not preceed money. First was credit – virtual money, then coinage then barter. You are quoting a myth from Adam Smith who did not know what ancient peoples used for exchange, accounting and methods of value. Barter was when trust for credit was not possible, or coinage was not available. Coinage was between non-trusting parties whilst trusting parties would use credit. Back to Sumer, 3500BC, there are clay tables recording credit.

  7. Bitcoin has no chance. It has too many holes and flaws like many other Crypto Coins that came afterwards. The biggest flaw is the energy it takes to mine coins. Plus it is very unstable considering trading and its value. Pi Coin for example is still in the making. And it avoids many flaws Bitcoin has. Pi Coin can be compared with the E-Coin Christine Lagarde prefers to install within the next 5 years (E-Euro). Pi Coin aims mainly at the economy market with which you can trade Pi's for goods. Its purpose is to reach a broad acceptance within the Pi community and later worldwide. That is why Pi has no official value yet. At first they want to reach the acceptance not just within a global society but within the economy sector. They are working hard on creating Apps for the Coin created by the community on its own but approved by the creators. Security is priority No 1. Even the Simpsons predicted the Coin about 10 years ago. As crazy as it sounds. But this could mean that the ones behind Crypto currency have run BitCoin to reach acceptance for the crypto currency and raise the awareness for alternative currencies. As far as i know Bitcoin was created by the CIA. I don't know if it is true but that would make sense to me. Create a crypto currency, let them play with it and look where the flaws are. After that we create a new one with no holes at all. If you are interested then install Pi Network App and use Cypherlog as invitation code to start mining via Smartphone. Don't forget to restart this app every 24 hours. It is because the system wants to avoid bots which mine automatically.






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  14. Cryptocurrency has to be some kind of fake stock market simulation scam. There is nothing. I get value of digital art but crypto? No sir.

  15. I'd rather listen to you on understanding cryptos than listening to skillshare. No offense, but you're that good.

  16. This guy Harry.Verreau contacted me through Instagram.
    Told me about forex trading, invest little and get huge sums because of their good "system".

    All the transactions were through my credit card, and they would get bitcoin.

    I started investing with 6,000aud, then fees started to come up to get even more money, bonuses, withdrawal fees. And now im here, sitting with empty hands 🥺

  17. Satoshi Nakamoto goes public and denies he's bitcoin founder / peki kim bu bitcoin in sahibi bu adam diyorki ben bitcoin kurucusu deyilim diyor Satoshi Nakamoto öyle diyor kim kurdu hangi güçler hangi alçaklar kurdu bitcoin denilen illeti kim dolandırıyor halkın dünyadaki insanların parasını kim dolandırıyor arka planda kimler var hepsini videolarla açıklayacağım aldığım tüm istihbaratı sizlerle paylaşacağım bunların pabucunu dama değil uzayın derinliklerine atacağım bekleyin görün

  18. Scam…join The Family…move to the desert. After Helter Skelter, we will rule. Blockhead chain…

  19. I turned $700 into $6000 just in one week with the aid and guidance of Linda I have been receiving good signal's from global service thank you

  20. I turned $700 into $6000 just in one week with the aid and guidance of Linda I have been receiving good signal's from global service thank you

  21. Most people don't understand enough about financial history to understand why this is all going to zero.

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