Bitcoin SV Winning the Hash War – Is Bitcoin at Risk?

Bitcoin Cash’s laborious fork is changing into a multitude. Bitcoin SV appears to be successful the hash battle and can get their means. What does this imply for BCH’s future? And does this imply Bitcoin is in danger additionally? How decentralized is BTC? In different information, Ripple XRP makes headlines.

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  1. thanks for your video, it was very informative. can you please explain this to me. i'm currently holding 5 bitcoin cash in binance. when the fork happens will i receive a 1 to 1 ratio ? meaning i will receive 5 abc fork coins and 5 sv fork sv ? also do you know if the 2 forked coins will immediately be available to trade on binance? i mean , if this is the case then you can't go wrong with gathering more bitcoin cash even if you buy it 5 minutes before binance stops the trading of bitcoin cash right before the fork. at this very moment bch is at around $ 515, abc coin is around $300. sv coin is around $196. so if you do the math. 1 bch is $515 , abc is at $300, and sv is at $196. so by having 1 $515 bch you can potentially make, 1 abc which is at $300 and 1 sv coin which is at $196. so this would be almost be a $500 profit just by buying 1 bch and holding it until it gets forked. would you agree with my assessment or am i missing something? it would be helpful if you can make some kind of strategy going into this fork. thanks in advance

  2. Well said George, I got into the market for the first time at the beginning of February 2018, and heavily too about 35% of my entire investment portfolio – (others being Silver & equities/stocks) Since then, I have made a few profitable trades but my portfolio is mostly in the red as the market is very unforgiving. However…to this day i have NOT STOPPED dollar cost averaging in. The bigger the dips, the more fiat I put in. Hodl on my friend.

  3. DICE is now 25x since ICO….. EOS Ecosystem has been in bull market for weeks now

    I gave up everything for EOS, nothing else compares. Maybe George will become an EOS maximalist too one day.

  4. Craig Wright other day said in an interview BTC will be dead in 2019 and Lightning Network has major flaws which will be exposed. As it's about Bitcoin.

  5. Stop your "Bottom spiel" – you are a great content provider and i salute you for that, but you clearly know little about how markets bottom – especially the hottest and perhaps most promising market that crypto is.
    If you for one second think that Bitcoin and everything with it will not take at the very least another 50% haircut you are in for a suprise.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. There are BCH "I Owe You" = IOU in a couple exchanges, for both forks.

    So earlier today it was:

    Bitcoin Cash price: 528$

    Bitcoin Cash SV IOU: 131$
    Bitcoin Cash ABC IOU: 397$

    131 + 397 = 528, a perfect split of the prices of IOU to match the total BCH price!

    And now, a few hours later, its:

    Bitcoin Cash: 519$

    BCH ABC: 329$

    BCH SV: 190$

    329 + 190 = 519

    Another perfect split. Its incredible! But you can see how the price is shifting towards SV.

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