Bitcoin SV Skyrockets – Does Craig Wright Have Satoshis Keys?

Bitcoin SV Skyrockets – Does Craig Wright Have Satoshi’s Keys?

I’m leaping on stay to debate the massive transfer in Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV & quite a few altcoins right now. We’ll take a look at technical evaluation, basic evaluation, on chain information & all the most recent information headlines within the cryptocurrency markets.

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Bitcoin SV Skyrockets - Does Craig Wright Have Satoshis Keys?

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  1. Overwhelming circumstantial evidence and common sense evidence Craig is Satoshi. It's obvious. Plz wake up ppl. Buy bsv bf it gets too expensive.

  2. I’m guessing you don’t know the trust was named DeMorgan trust before tulip trust or even why that would matter

  3. Feign madness but keep your balance.
    Hide behind the mask of a fool, a drunk or a madman to create confusion about your intentions and motivations.
    Lure your opponent into underestimating your ability until, overconfident, he drops his guard. Then you attack!!
    "Craig Wright" (The Art of Bitcoin)

  4. Do you operate under an AFSL? Because in Australia if you say "this is not advice" , but then do give advice or even an opinion, you are in fact giving "advice". I would check that out with a lawyer or the regulator. If on top of advice you present things that are not true, or make assertions that you can't know to be true, then it just becomes easier to get in trouble. I only say this because at some point someone may after having lost money get pissed off and look to blame someone else, and there is a good chance the regulator will side with the person who lost money, not matter what happened

  5. Your claim that weather sv has 98% of transactions is wrong. Do you check you facts before you say things? If so where did you check that? If you didn't know why did you say it? the irony is that you claimed pointing to weathersv's transactions was "a misrepresentation" of something, when you misrepresented the facts to begin with. on top of this your whole understanding and angle is wrong. All the bitcoins need to get more transactions fees (as subsidies decline). But in any enterprise particularly tech, it's wise to test the network before real businesses begin to use it. So it would be helpful if you investigated what BSV is up to instead of just condescendingly inferring there is no purpose to what wethersv is doing. If you do you will find that there are businesses and enterprises wanting to use the BSV chain, but, they are waiting for the original bitcoin protocol to be restored. Why would they do it before that? So weather SV has more than one purpose and one is the prepare the way for the businesses that are coming. So yes it may be true that some people are saying "BSV has a lot of transactions" ..but to not investigate further and assume there is no deeper purpose makes your analysis shallow….All you have done is to find the worst angle on weathersv and not think or present any deeper analysis. are you aware of the businesses that have said they will use BSV post Feb 4 upgrade? You do talk in the video about doing you .."deep deep fundamental analysis". …but your "deep deep fundamental analysis"..seems top consist of trying to work out when to buy and sell but with no reference to utility. (this is around the 15 minute mark)….I don't think there is anywhere is the real world of finance that would call the "fundamental analysis". Making unsupported claims with screenshot of unsupported claims by someone on Twitter is not analysis of any sort. If you want to claim things about supply and exchanges then you at least need some facts to back it up. Some data. Yet you present none. You are quite clear about a lot of exchanges not issuing BSV. I challenge you to name nmes and see how significant it is. Then you claim to know what these exchanges did with their BSV. How do you know? How do you know they aren't circulating? …Again all your assumptions are angled to present the situation in the worst light. Sigh. …I had to stop listening actually as your presentation became you presenting more and more assertions about who was buying and selling that you could not possibly back up, as if they were true.

  6. He's gonna lost his keys in a boating accident ,or better yet his dog is gonna eat it..guaranteed!!!,😂😂😂..🖕CW.

  7. BCH has the backing of most BTC hash rate if it's ever attacked because their future isn't secure with 1MB blocks

  8. Hi Nugget, good work on CW – He is destroyer of mass adoption for bitcoin – by the way I opened Etoro during the promo and have cashed up a couple of trades now that are in profit over $30 , I haven't seen your $100 deposit , can you check your records please , I opened up through y9our referral link and use daydreams4rock as etoro user name my name is David Emanuel . Please advise when transfer is due.

  9. very politely BCH was BITCOIN untill it forked BITCOIN HIGH OR LOW IS NOW BSV i follow the tech that works if it is weather or not its the number of transactions ,you are correct the banking cartel is maintaining HASHPOWER GO AXA AND COUNTERFEITE TOKENS on LIGHTENING AND WORMHOLE

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