Bitcoin SMASHES $6k!!! ⚠️WATCH OUT! ALTCOINS Could Be Ready To EXPLODE 🚀

#Bitcoin smashes $6k! Altcoins heating up for an additional potential Altseason? Facebook fully reverses crypto adverts ban, Coinbase card, $ARK x Season of Docs, xCurrent 4.0, $VITE DEX, $TRY, crypto information, and extra!

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Intro Credit:

2:17 Markets ??
5:14 Novogratz bullish:
5:59 Bitlord standing:
11:25 Altcoins chart:
13:11 Where Americans spend their cash:
15:36 Facebook unbans crypto adverts:
16:12 Coinbase card:
16:19 Buzzcoins:
17:35 Ethereum 2.Zero PoS:
18:12 ARK x Season of Docs:
18:57 Ripple xCurrent 4.0:
19:09 Was he kidding?′
20:01 ViteX:
20:48 BITMAIN shedding centralization:
21:38 ? Trias (TRY) Airdrop:

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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a monetary advisor. This will not be monetary recommendation. This is simply my opinion. Always do your personal analysis earlier than investing. I’m not accountable for your trades…

BINANCE Hack MIGHT Have Been Self-Inflicted?!? Bitcoin is a “Worthless Fraud?”

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  1. Mr. Sherman, a U S congressman is creating a bill to ban BITCOIN and crypto In the US.

    We the people should be fighting to ban the dollar due to the fact that it has lost most of its value since it was created and it's burying us in a giant debt . Mr. Sherman and many others who thinks like him need to update themselves and embrace the new technology that is changing the world and is giving all of us the freedom we deserve to have

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  5. Xrp better then bitcoin. I really don’t care which is better lol I hold both but this is one of the biggest problems with this space. Everyone bashes the coins they don’t like. Coins should be able to Co exist together just like yahoo and google

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  9. I wait to see what happen when Binance reopen for now, hoping for a last dip! I'm 75% in BTC and no way I will sold my alt now… never sell at a loss in crypto if you trust your alt!

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