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In this video, we discuss in regards to the Bearish Breakout that occurred to Bitcoin yesterday. Our hopes of Bitcoin reaching $14,000 on this rally are not possible. We additionally talk about the Bakkt launch and another Bitcoin information.

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I’m not a monetary adviser, this isn’t monetary recommendation. I strongly encourage all to do their very own analysis earlier than doing something with their cash. All investments/trades/buys/sells and many others. needs to be made at your personal danger with your personal capital.

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  1. Market Makers are a pain… makes TA difficult and seems negates it. Example. If the huge dump in the pattern was just an isolated incident, a standard deviation if you will, the trajectory Bitcoin was on BEFORE the big dump should not be affected… nothing has really changed. If this is the case, then shouldn't we continue to be as bullish on Bitcoin (short term) as we were BEFORE the standard deviation? It seems like we should but we're not… a completely new trajectory and sentiment is now in place AFTER the big dump… With all these Market Markers and bots, it's too nerve racking and treacherous trying to trade the short trends… in my opinion, it's better to wait to enter a trade when a major mid-term pattern (like the big wedge we've been in for the past 2 months) gives us a clear entry-signal and even then, make sure to use a stop loss.

  2. When you said “all this happened” since bakkt was first released in the news, you didn’t really include the bear market, which some claim were still in, B/wave. You only highlighted the parabolic move.

  3. 5,000 BTC sell wall was put on binance at 10,6500 (1k btc), 10,700 (1k btc) 10,750 (1k btc) 10,800 (1k btc), 10,850 (1k btc), 1.5k BTC was chipped off by bulls at the price(s) of 10,650 sell wall and 10,700.. after the bulls ate 1.5k btc, the other walls disappeared, and the price slowly climbed up to ~10,900 (yes slowly, because no more bullish momentum), and im assuming the remaining 3,500 BTC+ bearish momentum was the cause of this dump.

  4. honestly its pretty annoying every time you say this is not “financial advice” but you sell a product to give financial advise market strategy analysis??? own up to it stop being such a pussy! lol

  5. That recent dump was obviously a whale, it seems to me. There's no way that was an organic price movement. The price has subsequently continued on its upward trend, albeit transposed downwards by a few hundred $$.

  6. tell people you are giving financial advice and its up to them to use it or not. its gambling.. its risk vs reward.. i cant stand people who would choose to sue.. if you sue u die lol.

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