Bitcoin Q&A: How Do Miners Determine Which Pool To Make Use Of?

Why would a miner select one pool over one other? Could it rely on which payout scheme a pool affords? The pools insurance policies? And how usually may a miner change their thoughts?

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Bitcoin Q&A: How Do Miners Determine Which Pool To Make Use Of?

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  2. Por favor, σε παρακαλώ, please , podrías activar subtítulos en español. Gracias y fuerza 👍👍❤️🇪🇸

  3. Hey Andreas, my question is when the 4 million bitcoins, that are presumably lost, are priced into the remaining 14 million or so, its shows that bitcoin's fair market value us drastically undervalued. Why us no one speaking about this fact? I mean, I understand that the market gets to buy this "asset" at a depressed price, I get that, but still shouldn't people know they should be appreciating these prices more than they seem to bo…? Just wondering.

  4. Nano is knowingly fairly well decentralised and distributed for its market size. Is the there something wrong with their open representative consensus model?

  5. Unrelated question that no one can answer properly and I thought i'd give a good mind a try. What good is a real time US debt clock that goes unchanged when they print multi trillions of dollars. Why is that not added to the National Debt in real time.

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