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Intro 00:00

Bitcoin help in actual time! 1:05

Crazy synergy on BTC charts 2:00

Two BTC Fibonaccis to observe in subsequent 12 hours 3:00

Altcoins gave clear indicators about this BTC dip 7:00

Bitcoin on the day by day chart 9:00

Look for construction to kind on Bitcoin 10:30

Bitcoin bull market doorways – BULLISH 11:40

BTC pullbacks are good and wholesome 13:00

Bitcoin momentum oscillators 14:30

Bitcoin provide shock in full impact 14:45

Here is what to search for for bullish restoration 16:30

Bitcoin closing help $30,000 19:00

Stake your ADA with WEQNT! 22:35

Bitcoin value dips once more for the second time at present. Is there help? have we damaged help? What is the subsequent transfer for Bitcoin value and what do the bulls must do to recuperate?

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? *The above video references an opinion and is for info and leisure functions solely. It just isn’t meant to be funding recommendation. Seek a duly licensed skilled for funding recommendation. This video accommodates my opinion solely and isn’t meant to trigger hurt or defame anybody or any entity.

Please perceive that cryptocurrency buying and selling and investing is dangerous. I’m not providing recommendation on how it’s best to commerce or put money into cryptocurrency. This channel is reserved for me to trace my very own journey and doc my opinions alongside the best way.

This just isn’t a suggestion to promote or purchase securities.


Crypto Capital Venture is huge on monitoring bitcoin market specifically. The common premise of technical evaluation movies on Crypto Capital Venture is that though Bitcoin value value strikes very in a really unstable manner, there may be a lot alternative in being ready for upside and draw back. We additionally cowl Bitcoin information on this channel because it comes out.

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    📱ios –
    📱android –

    Intro 00:00
    Bitcoin support in real time! 1:05
    Crazy synergy on BTC charts 2:00
    Two BTC Fibonaccis to watch in next 12 hours 3:00
    Altcoins gave clear signs about this BTC dip 7:00
    Bitcoin on the daily chart 9:00
    Look for structure to form on Bitcoin 10:30
    Bitcoin bull market doors – BULLISH 11:40
    BTC pullbacks are good and healthy 13:00
    Bitcoin momentum oscillators 14:30
    Bitcoin supply shock in full effect 14:45
    Here is what to look for for bullish recovery 16:30
    Bitcoin final support $30,000 19:00
    Stake your ADA with WEQNT! 22:35

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  9. here is the truth about crypto. Those who own bitcoin pump and pump to raise the price and prey on those who don't have and wanna have. period

  10. Hey CCV have you thought about uploading to Rumble as well as YouTube? It's just a matter of time before you say something that the left (google/youtube/twitter/etc.) doesn't like and big tech will ban you. They will silence anyone who they think is a threat to them. You promote financial freedom and the belief in our God. The Constitution of the united states, and Christianity are under threat. There is not a lot of good content related to crypto. on Rumble yet… It would be really nice to see one of my trusted content creators over there. Just something to think about.. Thanks for everything you do CCV!

  11. Successful people don't become that way over night, Fear is a dangerous components, hindering us from taking bold step we need in other to reach goals

  12. people will be kicking themselves in regrets in few weeks if they miss this opportunity of buying and investing in Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency)

  13. Bitcoin has really stood its ground and would keep breaking grounds, investors sure knows how profitable it is now. My advice to everyone is don’t just buy and hold bitcoin, Trade it!

  14. buy the dip! The only ones that this correction sucked for are the ones who entered at $40k+. Me personally, no way was I gonna buy at that price, but was definitely waiting for this dip. Never buy the top, always buy the dip.

  15. pullback to 20 ma is a normal bull market move, that would be around 29k, there is also some support at 29k from prior consolidation here around new years if you all recall, seemed like a decade ago lol. if i was on the sidelines i'd be scaling in, i'm putting some additional dollars to work here, if it breaks next area of support is around 23k. Also US dollar is bouncing off some lows here so this is expected as the inverse dollar trade is pretty crowded right now, and wouldn't be surprised if bounce lasts a few days/week so 29k and 23k could be possible. prepare for all scenarios.

  16. Question for you; I have watched your channel for months and on a weekly timescale you always take the September swing low to the current all time high to produce potential throwback levels. Recently I have been seeing other YouTubers using this technique, however they use the 2019 black-swan event as the swing low. Which one would you recommend using and why? Thank you in advance.

  17. That's so amazing that your helping people with no light in there homes by donating tonCardano stake pool operator. Another reason to be thankful to Cardano

  18. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock accelerating down the track…..🌧…..⛷

    2012 and 2016 halvings ignited 🔥 the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges!

  19. I think Bitcoin is being effected by a handful of crypto that ride next to xrp. I think once xrp is in the clear bit coin will move up, then ethereum will be right behind it.. then I think xrp will jump to ltc status. this is just a guess on what I have noticed over last few days.

  20. People that bought at 41k are going to be in the red for a long time . BTC seems fked to me . This pullback just goes to show BTC can never acaully be a store of value .

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