Bitcoin PEAK! Raoul Pal On Where Is The Bitcoin TOP? Raoul Pal Bitcoin Price Prediction (2021)

Raoul Pal on Bitcoin Price PEAK, his prediction for 2021 and when it would TOP out, when to promote your bitcoin, his Bitcoin Exit technique and what results institutional funding may have on the bitcoin community. Showing his bitcoin evaluation and valuation based mostly on worth historical past. Raoul Pal Bitcoin worth prediction, when Bitcoin peaks, what the Bitcoin prime will probably be and when to take chips off the desk.

Raoul Pal has a 50ok by March quick time period Bitcoin goal. A long run worth prediction of $1 million {dollars} by 2021. Here he explains the evaluation and reasoning behind his valuation. Michael Saylor has a $1m USD + goal in play as his worth prediction.

Raoul Pal additionally explains establishments massive secret with regard to Bitcoin and crypto forex, they’ve been shopping for up the entire time in private or non-public portfolios. We additionally check out the upcoming Coinbase IPO, plan B Bitcoin worth predictions and psychological resistance ranges developing for Bitcoin.

CREDITS: To watch the total interview of Raoul Pal lately carried out on What Bitcoin Did (subscribe too to an excellent channel) Check out:


0:00 Intro – (WATCH WHOLE VIDEO!)

1:48: Where does Bitcoin peak in 2021?

3:47 When to take cash off the desk (BTC)

5:12 Will Bitcoin returns go DOWN over time?

6:45 Will Bitcoin ever be a REAL asset class?

7:59 HURDLE 1 BITCOIN will HAVE to beat in 2021!

9:18 HURDLE 2 BITCOIN will HAVE to beat in 2021!

10:20 THIS is WHEN the Bitcoin worth will PEAK (Plan B)

10:33 Bitcoin TOP prediction (Cross asset mannequin stock2flow)

10:48 HUGE bitcoin help at THIS degree

About Raoul Pal:

A former Goldman Sachs hedge fund supervisor who retired at 36, Raoul Pal is a co-founder of Real Vision, a monetary media firm providing in-depth video interviews and analysis publications from the world’s greatest traders.

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Bitcoin PEAK! Raoul Pal On Where Is The Bitcoin TOP? Raoul Pal Bitcoin Price Prediction (2021)

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  1. If you enjoy the video, please drop a like and subscribe! It really helps me put out Finance / Investment / Cryptocurrency videos! The support on the channel recently has been incredible. Also, please be careful, currently any finance or crypto related videos have bots filling the comments, know that I will never reply to you with a whatsapp number or link to a different website. Ignore and report these bots! Until youtube fixes the issue be careful. Have a great day guys and let me know what type of videos you would like to see! 🌳💛

  2. so far seems likes he's right at this point!!! price has been pretty flat since coinbase ipo

  3. Awesome video and very understanding too. It got me to be able to build a big income income stream during the pandemic investing with an experienced broker Mrs Myra Jefferson, she has really helped me earn good profits trading and investing with her.

  4. Crypto = New world order, total control death. Sell it if you hold it now, do not touch it!!!

  5. Rumor is that a back door exists and the total volume of Bitcoin can be manipulated
    Just saying

  6. ) Precious metal prices are determent by the LBMA on a daily basis. Gold, platinum and silver got a big industrial application. The price of these metals should be much higher and suppliers should refuse to sell at the LBMA price. Gold was linked to the $ till they started to print more dollars with not enough gold. Now mans greed created something you buy and get nothing in return just promises that you are going to get huge returns. Bitcoin show how its value is going up but all the money invested is not generating anything it just relies on more investor’s money for its stocks to go up. Like precious metals bitcoins stocks price is not linked directly to the invested amount. Only way bitcoin can continue is to feed it because if the feeding stops the price will drop and the investors will run and the higher the stock price the more desperate they become. Be safe and invest in metals.

  7. The market is moving well most especially bitcoin, I'm amazed at the raise of bitcoin the past few weeks currently 55k today. 2021 is gonna be a great year for investors.

  8. I really think these guys exaggerate Bitcoin prices to get people to buy it and drive the price up so that they can sell off profits. Don't get me wrong…I like my Bitcoin…I just don't see these numbers. I'm thinking maybe Bitcoin may go as high as…maybe 70,000.00 this year. Maybe.

  9. When the human race ends look at the cycle before the extinction and you’ll find your peak. See the bigger picture

  10. But for bitcoin heads the usa dollar will be worth nothing. So it doesn't matter how much BTC will be worth in usa dollars right?

  11. Don’t sleep on it, this is time to invest I recently just bought another property valued at over $10m. I wish I knew the right investment firm to invest with alana Blair earlier, better late than never though.

  12. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto as it's retracing….BE WISE

  13. I think bitcoin will reach one million a coin in the next 10 years. Check out MANA big things coming for MANA

  14. Why is nobody talking about Cryptocurrency at this moment? It's on a bull run and a lot of people are definitely gonna miss out on that just like the last time.

  15. Simple strategy, buy bitcoin and don't sell until ready to retire. Also, you can always borrow against it (bitcoin as collateral) if needed.

  16. With Biden talking about 43.4% capital gains tax rate, I think I'd rather take my chances with a extended pullback that will recover than take a guaranteed loss.

  17. At a sìmilar tĂ®me , this rĂ lly is not the same as 2017's because of a few reĂ sons that could help BTC soar consĂ®derably higher . These incorpörate developing institutĂ®onal interest , the expanding dĂ®scernment among investors that BTC is a store of value , and more grounded network fundamèntals . This time , institutĂ®onal financĂ®al expertĹ› centered stages are seeing a touchy expĂ nsion in tradĂ­ng activĂ­ty . Tradìng is the basic safe help for Ă®nvestors in the cryptĂ´ world regĂ rdless the weĂ®ght and detaĂ­l that goes with tradìng cryptò are high yet with the Ă­nformation , strĂ tegy , and skĂ®lls, a specialĂ®st can stay profĂ®table and strĂ®king tendĂ®ng to little mind to the cost instabilĂ®ties in cryptö and tokens . Making profĂ®t has been made eĂ sy for me wĂ®th M.r DanĂ®el WrĂ®ght tradè signĂ ls . I stârted trĂ ding with trĂ de signĂ ls of an expĂŞrt tradè like DanĂ­el WrĂ­ght, hĂ®s dazzlĂ®ng system and tradĂ®ngg sĂ®gnals has really profĂ­ted me . my portfolĂ­o grew massĂ­vely from 2.5btc to 8btc Ă­n under 6weeks with his trĂ .de sĂ­gnals . He can be rea.ched on Tèl- – gram @ Danielwrightfx ) and WhĂ t’sApp ( + 1 7 865 2 729 47 ).

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  19. Bitfinex/ tether they have 70 days to show the 36 billion is backed by us dollar!! Always Do your own research:)

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