Bitcoin Movie: Bit X Bit | In Bitcoin We Trust | Cryptocurrencies | Documentary | Digital Money

Full Crypto Documentary about Bitcoins and Digital Money: BIT X BIT: In Bitcoin We Trust – Futurists, enlightening the minds of the numerous for the acceptance of a digital worth change system targeted on prosperity and remodeling our world.

BIT X BIT: In Bitcoin We Trust (2019)

Director: David Foox

Writers: Beverly Dawn Barnhart, David Foox

Stars: Beverly Dawn Barnhart, Shayan Eskandari, Marshall Long

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 2019 (USA)

Storyline: Futurists, enlightening the minds of the numerous for the acceptance of a digital worth change system targeted on prosperity and remodeling our world.

Reviews: “I’ll readily admit I knew little or no in regards to the digital foreign money Bitcoin earlier than selecting up this documentary, directed by David Foox, at my native library.

I consider the movie provides a fundamental take a look at Bitcoin’s historical past, the way it works, its previous scandals and associations with the darkish net, but additionally its future as its know-how and makes use of at this time at the moment are linked to a lot of main companies across the globe.

For these like myself that know little about this digital foreign money however wish to be taught new issues, I can simply suggest this doc. Looks like there is a Part 2 “Integration and Regulation” scheduled for launch which must be a very good addition to what was left open or not coated in Part 1.” Written by larrys3 on

“This Documentary is excellent, it made me even more excited about the future of Bitcoin.” Written by sashahodder on


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Bitcoin Movie: Bit X Bit | In Bitcoin We Trust | Cryptocurrencies | Documentary | Digital Money

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  1. Bullshyt!
    It will be easier to rob someone for bit coin all they have to do is run up on you treaten you to make a transfer of bit coin from one phone to another!

  2. This Will change the world for sure. Once everyone's finances on the planet are all under one system some governing entity will step in and take control of it then we're all screwed unless you get that infamous mark the bible told of

  3. 13:52 This is incorrect. The integrity of the transactions is verified by all the nodes around the world, NOT just the miners. This seems to be a very common misconception. Anyone can run a node and participate in transaction verification, some people even run Bitcoin nodes on their smartphones. Miners OTOH are in comparison small in number and their goal is adding blocks to the blockchain, for which they get rewarded in freshly minted coins. Verification of transaction is only a tiny portion of where their computing power goes.

  4. Who is here before the Us Dollar goes into massive hyperinflation? We all know where the commies economic policy is going to lead the nation.

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  9. Its the Mark of the beast! Thats what it is for real, I wonder when they are going to tell us hey, we are getting rid of cash. That is what this vaccine is all about, they just dont want to tell us.

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  12. Why can't these smart people understand that bitcoin won't work. How can 7 transactions per second work with 7 billion people? Network fees can go up to $50. So when you buy a $4 coffee you have to pay $54. XRP is the one with 70k TPS and 0.00006 cents per transaction.

  13. All those fees pay for the security of your accounts. I am curious when the banks and government will start taking their cut of crypto. The middle man will not allow himself to be cut out. Thats just the way it is. Considering how many experts and banks and hedgefunds are getting into crypto I think we are starting to see the foundation for that cut being taken.

  14. 6:34 Diamonds aren't scarce. They derive their value from advertising. Scarcity in and of itself does not denote value. A clean, functional 1978 Ford Pinto is rare, and not particularly valuable.

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  16. Lets be honest, there are larger and larger fees for transfering btc because someone, ie. the miners require a fee to verify the transactions, the more transactions, the more the fees go up.

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