Bitcoin/Litecoin are the way forward for forex. Here’s why! You’ll want your pondering hat for this one

#Bitcoin/#Litecoin are the way forward for forex. Here’s why!

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  1. I wish the US Gov't would surround Nuclear Power plants with Mining Farms. Then the Gov't could self generate its own money. And besides the buying and maintaining the farms, the electricity is basically free.

  2. I think its possible that Trump will declassify some sort of technology that will give us zero point energy. It will be needed for the Space Force, and it can free humanity from the Energy Cabals. Imagine being able to grow food indoors all year long and not have to pay for the electricity? Then everyone will be able to mine any proof of work coin as long as you have the hardware.

  3. The current market for bitcoin is highly unstable and the trajectory is generally downward which spells danger for most investors but then, this is still a very good time to make money off crypto if you know what to do. Value will continue to go down as support is weak and continue to dip but even with this trend that has been persistent for some time now, i made over $43k in the past 2 weeks and i was able to do this by day trading with a strategy crafted by Benjamin Jackson for a market as such. You can reach him for inquiries on his official e-mail at (( [email protected] com )) or via Telegram: @ BenjaminJackson on how you can make profit quickly off your coins which you have lost on already by hodling or as a new investing plan entirely. He would guide you on what to look out for when choosing a broker, how to identify and implement your entry and exit points accurately and how to be consistent in profit. The best thing about him is he provides you with free signals for a limited period to validate the market and also his strategy. Trading has become easy and profitable for me and i want to make this available to others in my previous unfortunate position by spreading the word

  4. Producing matter from energy in the lab is a LONG WAY from the ordinary people having that technology. I'm not seeing why the Rulers would give such technology to the masses. We're going to have to do something about our "Rulers" first.

  5. this guy gets dumber each time he does a new video… He's stuck on stupid with PoW crypto… let's bring down the power grids while we use Gigawatts of power to mine dino crypto that only gets 5-7 TPS, that being BTC… or you can try LTC which has no developers now according to Charlie Lee, and it does 35-50 TPS… XRP is a deflationary decentralized crypto… every transaction burns a small amount of XRP.. the lower it goes the more valuable it will get… Drunken Trucker Ben just loves shitting on XRP because like the rest of his followers, they think they know what they are talking about even after they've been schooled multiple times….Good luck with BTC & LTC being used as a global currency… They will ONLY be storages of value..

    as for energy.. Ben.. Dimwit Ben.. If Zero Point Energy was to be released to the masses, there would be no need for anyone to work anymore.. pull energy from neutrinos coming from the sun 24/7.. have AI run everything on free power.. the value of everything goes to zero because it takes no money or work from humans to produce anything.. your Utopian society running on BTC and LTC will never happen…

  6. Roswell was 1947. Another crash in 1941 was in Missouri. That is most likely the start of digital / semiconductor technology. Doubtful Roswell was the start. Maybe an even earlier crash than 1941. Who knows. I would not be surprised to find out that the blockchain / bitcoin is reverse engineered software from alien technology. Hardware reverse engineering would have been first followed by software reverse engineering.

  7. This makes sense to me that we've had to value our currency by the backing of a resource in order for the people to believe the currency has value. However, here's why for the first time that I believe, my opinion, that this is no longer necessary. It's no longer necessary because people have already placed value in cryptocurrencies (even the non-mined ones) because they believe in the scarcity of the cryptocurrency, the utility of it, the decentralization of it, and trust the algorithms securing it. Never before has anything like this been possible. This is a paradigm shift. If we one day can create free energy and we mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin will still have value for the reasons stated above.

    If non-mined cryptocurrencies don't have value, then we'd already know that, but yet here we are. Many non-mined cryptos have value today, right now. Why should that change? People won't wake up one day and say let's not give that non-mined crypto value because it's not mined.

    I'm willing to listen if someone sees a flaw in my argument

  8. We use coal to produce energy, so you are saying we can now create coal out of electricity? Where does the electricity come from that is used to make coal?

  9. I will get inline for electric vehicles when they produce one that sounds like "patato, patato, patato" just like Willie G did; if two wheels fit on it; then its a road. As much as I like Litecoin; as a miner for the last three years; I have not met one miner yet who makes anything on mining Litecoin in either the US or Canada, at best and with the lastest release of equipment; you will loose 0.21 cents a day with an L3++ running overclocked at 604 Mh/s. There is rumored to be an L5 on the Horizen; but it hasn't been verified that I know of; as of yet. If potentially true, we will see the network difficulty increase, as the manufacturers have a shady business model, where they mine on the new; yet to be released and more powerful equipment, against the less powerful machines they just sold their customer base. That said, it doesn't bother me at the moment that Litecoin is going on sale again, or all the FUD about the lack of developers or even more tha 4 Litecoin in the developer fund at present; since Litecoin works; and old sayings; are old sayings for a reason; foray, if it works; don't keep fixing it until its broke. I believe this is temporary; as the ship jumpers move into Bitcoin and then back to Litecoin; as Litecoin has a pattern of, and did out perform Bitcoin from December 2018 to; on or about March 2019 by 157%. All this considered; I still enjoy tuning into story telling time.


  10. Your facts are completely delusional I was programing computers in 1971 and the processors were not digital!!!! Transistors are not digital and the first computers were tube type!!! Digital technology was not established until the late 1970s!!!

  11. Hey Ben, great content in this video. I had never thought about the commodity based economy in that way. My only question to you is why do you trust litecoin so much? It is my second largest coin that I am holding after bitcoin however I don’t see how litecoin will continue to be relevant as bitcoin transactions become cheaper and faster overtime. Cheers brother.

  12. Just because you can make gold out of energy doesn't necessarily mean that gold will become cheap. If there is any truth to E=MCsquared then it might be very expensive to make it that way unless some kind of super free energy device is also revealed. Think what a tiny amount of matter is converted to such an enourmous amount of energy in an atomic explosion. It seems like it would take all the energy that it takes to run a large city to make a tiny amount of gold. Just saying.

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