Bitcoin J.Ok. Rowling PUMP?! May 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis

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Bitcoin J.Ok. Rowling PUMP?! May 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis

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  4. Some weeks back Krown you did talk about a pro trader by name Thomas Hubert, I did reach out to him and infact he is good at this trading thing. Got my crypto increased massively working with him.

  5. aye man just subbed, been doing a lot of forex and crypto trading, just learning how to read charts with minimal indicators. love all the info you've given the community about everything bitcoin and crypto!

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  7. You said it right: if there is a dump on the weekend for btc and it's opposite of the current trend; that does not coincide with leading the way for the upcoming weeks btc continuation of the set trend which could have or could have not been bear or bull, or some might say up or down, or inferior vs superior…not to be confused with lateral vs medial (ha haaaaaaa). For Christ's sake…it's a beautiful day people!

  8. I disagree with the idea that BTC doesn't give u multiple opportunities to buy the low. $3180 low and price action hovered there for a while before racing up to $14000.

  9. Hey Krown. You should think about making the first 15 minutes of your videos completely opposite of what you think is going to happen. And then get into the real details so that the spoon boys get pissed off and won't watch your videos anymore and we will get the Cavians back to the original numbers we had a year ago lol. Keep up the great work. You have been on your A Game as of late. You seem refreshed and in your Zone.

  10. To understand bitcoin one must first understand finance and money, how many people does actually understand that xd

  11. To understand bitcoin one must first understand finance and money, how many people does actually understand that xd

  12. Jesus Christ doesn't bother me. Make believe never does. Also, I note on the 4 hr when the 21 ema crosses below the 20 sma we usually see a drop shortly thereafter.

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  14. Avoid censorship using the name of the lord in vain and keep the lizards happy 😁😁
    You know I watch 100% of the vids %100. I will start the TA programs next month totally convinced that I luv TA and I would love to live the TA trader's life.

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