Bitcoin is MySpace, Litecoin is Facebook

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  2. So can you please explain if Litecoin is so superior why it requires 10,000 times more electricity to match the same hashrate as Bitcoin. Surely when these scale up into the hundreds of thousands of transactions per minute Litecoin will hit some big barriers like requiring 10,000 x more electricity to process the exact same number of transactions ? Every town would require it's own power station to run miners. Surely the whole point is about transactional efficiency ?

  3. If Litecoin is the crypto-currency equivalent of Facebook then I want nothing to do with it considering that Facebook is FEDbook!  Bad analogy to use if the intent is to get people to take up Litecoin. 😛

  4. Trying to convince someone that the The State isn't real, is the same as trying to convince areliguous person there isn't a devil. (I'm plagiarizing this) A religion can exist without a god, but not without a devil. And money is as real as them both. Human is real, where there is no money. Person is a parasitic leach that thinks money is valuable. Only 1 billion humans have access to finacial institution, that's real Global Apartheid. Which side you're on matters, by what you cling to. Humans or not.

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  6. wonder if adam saved his litecoin. Because he bought them at $4.50 approximately, and they crashed to a low of $1 before they hit their all time high in the past weeks. Or I wonder if he cashed out for fiat.

  7. what is stopping a bunch of Bitcoin enthusiasts from banding together to launch a massive 51% attack against Litecoin? Isn't the low hashrate (60GH/s) within the reach of say 600,000 computers at 100kH/s each that just dedicate a few tens of minutes to destroying the Litecoin network?

  8. I don't think you represent the intention of LiteCoin creation. It is not like FaceBook to MySpace, in that it is not competing. It is intended to be a reflection of Bitcoin's fundamental value, paving the way for future endeavors, even beyond digital currencies. It's just a validation, an hommage.

  9. Very good point. When people start trading thing for bitcoin and now one wants to hold dollars, then it will not matter what the dollar to bit coin radio is. People will gust ask what can I buy for my bit coin.

  10. I understand the enthusiasim about cryptocurrencies and I seriously consider investing in Litecoin but I have to say most of the argumentation is naive hype and using pseudo-economic terms like "intrinsically deflationary currency". From the economic point of view Bitcoin does not work as a currency. It is not stable and just because someone accepts it doesnt make it a currency but rather suggests that they wanna gain some bitcoins for a good price.

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