Bitcoin Has Entered Phase 5 With PlanB, Jeff Booth & Preston Pysh

In this interview, I speak to Bitcoin quant analyst & creator of the inventory to circulation mannequin, Plan?, creator of The Price of Tomorrow Jeff Booth & creator, engineer & the host of The Investor Podcast, Preston Pysh. We focus on how Bitcoin S2F is coming into part 5.


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Once you have seen, you cannot unsee. Once you get it, there is no way back.


Location: Squadcast

Date: Wednesday 2nd September

Company: Independent Trader, Entrepreneur & Author, The Investors Podcast

Role: Bitcoin Quant Analyst, Independent & Host

When Plan launched his revised Stock-to-Flow mannequin as a Cross Asset Model (S2FX), he added a brand new idea: part transitions. This revision to the mannequin takes into consideration the evolution of Bitcoins use and that means, as such, from proof of idea to funds to e-gold to a monetary asset.

Following the halving in May, many have speculated what the subsequent transitional part can be for Bitcoin, with the mannequin predicting the worth of Bitcoin doubtlessly reaching $288Ok.

With Bitcoin being a provably scarce asset, in instances of unprecedented cash printing and fiat forex debasement, the bull case for Bitcoin is evident. However, in August, MicroStrategy despatched a transparent message to companies all over the place, when in August they introduced their buy of 21,454 Bitcoin, over 0.1% of the overall provide.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor stated that they view Bitcoin as a dependable store of value and an attractive investment asset with more long-term appreciation potential than holding cash. Other corporations have began following MicroStrategy by holding Bitcoin inside their treasury.

Could corporations holding Bitcoin to guard their money reserves be the subsequent phased transition for Bitcoin?

In this interview, I speak to Bitcoin quant analyst & creator of the inventory to circulation mannequin, Plan?, creator of The Price of Tomorrow Jeff Booth & creator, engineer & the host of The Investor Podcast, Preston Pysh. We focus on how Bitcoin S2F is coming into part 5.

Bitcoin Has Entered Phase 5 With PlanB, Jeff Booth & Preston Pysh

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