Bitcoin Halving Special Edition – April Cryptocurrency Mining Update

Bitcoin Halving Special Edition – April Cryptocurrency Mining Update

I hope everybody enjoys this month’s Bitcoin halving particular version of our cryptocurrency mining replace! We will probably be diving in to all the most recent happenings from the Bitcoin & cryptocurrency mining trade. We will take a look at all a spread of keys metrics from a wide range of protocols with a specific deal with Bitcoin & what different cryptocurrencies are worthwhile to mine. Each month we are going to examine on what hash price is doing, what cash are worthwhile to mine for every sort of {hardware} or machine, what information is shaping the crypto mining sector & how mining may help us decide the long run route of the market. Join Will from Mining Store & I as we chat all issues crypto mining each month!

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Bitcoin Halving Special Edition - April Cryptocurrency Mining Update

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  1. Hi, can you reasure newbs that china cant 51% attack bitcoin and briefly explain why it cant happen . Thanks ✌️

  2. Do like the charts. Even though alot is still over my head they help me get a better grip on what to expect as well as a tutorial later when positions develop and I can go back and study the trends. Look forward to seeing the feedback after the halving. Thanks to you both. Cheers!

  3. If this channel is serious, not just another blockstream subsidiary it needs to really question the security model of Bitcoin. Perhaps theorise the purpose of the whitepaper.

  4. C'mon… Handshake? Really? its on the way down.. why would he recommend to buy that against the trend? I bet Alex is not buying that. At least wait for a break out. Makes me wonder if he just said he was left on the side with his BTC to earn trust so we buy his bags. Which is truly sad because he seemed truly genuine.

  5. Wow, yes dont touch that hodl stack unless you are really sure and even then dont trade all of it. Then again I sold most of my stack in 2013, If your reading this, learn the easy way not the hard way. Im hoping for another entry dip below 6k.
    My question is where is the money? Is there 800billion on the side waiting to enter?

  6. I traded it the exact same man. Mostly on the sidelines last few weeks but fully expect a pullback then accumulation throughout the summer before a massive 2021

  7. Sharing the hard truths of having not bought back in and playing the piddly gains… been there, done that. don't sell until you see that exponential arrow pointing to the sky.

  8. Champions! Well done to the young fella for having a crack starting a business. Doesn't look old enough to have a credit card!

  9. Absolutely remarkable discussion. Thanks. I was also wondering if you can give us some tips about Pi Network rapidly growing at the moment while seems unconvincing. Not even listed on coinmarket

  10. Why do you not mention the events at the time that led to the price movements? The dip before the second halving is believed to be because of Brexit news, the dip after is because of the BitFinex hack, the dip before this halving is corona. Are you just assuming everyone is trading the charts only, or do you just not go into that detail in your analysis?

  11. Q. I have been fiddling around with crypto for some time, more as a curiosity/hobby. It's been hard to take it too seriously given scams and concerns with some long ongoing market fear mongering. Prior to BCH/BSV halving, a purported statement from CSW presented that he and associates were going to crash the market at a halving. What are your thoughts on this please?

  12. I recently got into the crypto market which is 16% of my portfolio. End of Jan after having a virtual portfolio for three years on eToro. I realised virtual hedging shorting Did not work for me. It was a good platform to learn. That’s about it. Not my bag.

    In Jan I was focused on ok prepping for corona virus and took seriously the events unfolding around the world.

    I had a property and took the first offer to settle and clear all debt. Decided to diversify.

    I paid two years in advance in rent to lock a house for me and my children.

    Nugget I watched a great interview whereby gold and US currency and not to go all in but listened and took a thoughtful approach to this. So now I have 6% gold 2% silver and another 3 percent US currency. Drained my account to lock 2.9% interest into a NZ bank.

    This has had an impact as I realised it is a long term plan for me. As I am in NZ the currency was also a very wise choice as the currency had dipped lowest that I can remember.

    Watched my fill of crypto you tubers still do and find nuggets the calmest and thoughtful approach. I find the noise of bears and whales hard to interpret. But I can sleep at night that’s all that matters.

    I realise from my journey also to sit on my hands and as Warren Buffet said ‘ I will wait till there is blood in the streets” and until the ‘swamp is drained’ and realise that the true effect of the current markets and impacts will reveal itself in due course.

    Thanks nugget to your insights and for me this approach has worked. I am neither bull or bear but a holder and will asses at the next halving.

    It took a long time to figure out how to purchase and store. Wallets, stacks what was from all the choices. But I am happy with my lot. Hours of research and have been glued to you daily news.

    I am mindful though of the tremendous loss of finances from hard working people around me who have lost their jobs and the struggles of friends whom are worried for their futures.

    For me I am grateful and now I have to sit back and try to stop pushing the button to check the stats. The small amount of friends I spoke to thought I was mad and now are asking me about it. I just send them to your website.

    Grateful thank you.

  13. I spent 3 bitcions that i mined on a book about tropical fish when it got to 30$ alomst as bad as the Pizza

  14. When it comes to these things you all must do your own research don't take anyone word or maths, even me. Do your own.

  15. based on charts and not hype..i would suggest no more than %30 dump and %680 rally..this is halving but different..history is based on 2 halvings..thats not good enough to read the future..interesting conversation..key words= "if HISTORY repeats"= IF

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