Bitcoin Halving Expectation, Big XRP Changes, Ethereum ICO 2.0 & Bitcoin Trading Surges

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Bitcoin Halving Expectation, Big XRP Changes, Ethereum ICO 2.0 & Bitcoin Trading Surges

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  3. Yup probably the most amazing thing about bitcoin (the unbanked), but know one understand because they lack compassion and empathy 😎👍

  4. There is high speculations that bitcoin will attain $10,000 soon due to Bitcoin Halving which is this week. I would advice investors/traders to have more than 20btc before this happens so as to see huge profits. It's not too late to buy now at this rate, not to Hold which is odd and old strategy but to follow a professional trader's guidence to enable you build a strong portfolio ahead of Bitcoin Halving. My mentor still remains Mr Aaron Addison, a professional trader who i can say has the best strategy in crypto space. With his strategy/signals, i was able to grow my intials from 1.2 btc to 6.8 btc in 5 weeks of active day trading. I must say no time is ever too late to start accumulating with Oliver's daily signals ahead of bitcoin Halving. Aaron can be contacted via Whatspp: (+447380347335) and Telgram @Top_signal271 for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  5. So basically, the halving has been canceled out!! If the exchanges will be filling the selling pressure void made by the miners, this whole thing is a scam. You can forget about a new all-time high for BTC, that will never happen!!

  6. It is Happening. Virus Outbreak on ETH servers. Eth is collapsing. Be fast. SELL NOW before it is too late.

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