After just a few days of sideways motion for the Bitcoin worth, we lastly see some actions to the upside as soon as once more. Is this now lastly the continuation of the Bitcoin bullmarket or simply one other bulltrap? Also on this video: Samsung is integrating Gemini alternate.

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  1. Based on my highly scientific research, based on chicken feathers and barometric pressure, I can confidently predict that Bitcoin price will go either up or down.

  2. @sunny decree @TheMoon @CrypptoZoombie not apearing in my feed, but still in "next video" since two days
    I had to go to your videos today thinking that you didn't post yesterday
    keep the good videos

  3. hey sunny, the notifications for your videos and almost all my other subscribes aren't shown anymore!!! Like Carl on the moon said..there is something wrong!! Have a look at your views and likes in comparison to the last months!! there is definitely sth. going on! greatz

  4. sunnny, continue like this, wise, reasonable, adult, and logical,without paranoia like some others,your videos are interesting and informative !!👍🏼👍🏼

  5. LOOOL he says there is a poll popping up right now and there's phemex tutorial and shill is popping up lmao that's some scam 101

  6. if everyone (wall street, grayscale, Paul Tudor Jones and others) jumps in via OTC that will never reflect in price. All these institutions still waiting for average Joes to start pressing green buttons on spot market

  7. hey sunny ich ziehe grade um und möchte mir in mein wohnzimmer ein bitcoin bild hinhängen. wo hast du dein bild gekauft das hinter dir ist ? 🙂

  8. Short term bearish, long term bullish but I wouldn’t expect there to be many more opportunities to get Bitcoin for 4 digits in the not too distant future.

  9. Khan the whales will earn money on the cue ball and throw everyone.(ban on crypts in Russia).all in prism go pack price tembolie.and prisms at the state level are allowed in the software more closely.

  10. I'm one of your subscribers in South Korea and kinda proud that there are quite a many crypto enthusiasts in here. Wish that INTEGRATION opens much easier way for people to escape from BAD money.

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