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Is the Bitcoin (BTC) value doubtlessly seeing its last rally earlier than a dump down in direction of the $6,000 area, for my part?! Let’s talk about this dwell at this time and a few cryptocurrency buying and selling technical evaluation (TA) + speculative value prediction(s) + present 2019 market information for cryptos in at this time’s video/dwell stream!

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Disclaimer: The content material lined on this video/dwell stream is NOT to be thought-about as funding recommendation. I’m NOT a monetary adviser. These are solely my very own private opinions, concepts, speculative hypotheses, charts, technical evaluation (TA), insights, curated information publications and value prediction(s) for 2019 and past. I’ll by no means inform you what to do together with your capital, trades or investments. I’ll additionally by no means advocate so that you can purchase or promote any asset, safety or cryptocurrency associated instrument. Always do your personal analysis and solely make investments solely primarily based by yourself findings and private judgement. Trading and/or investing in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or another kind of cryptocurrency, altcoin, asset, safety or associated instrument of any sort is extraordinarily excessive danger and the market + value of any asset, safety or associated instrument can crash or rise unpredictably at any time! Cryptos are extremely unstable! You ought to at all times seek the advice of with an expert/licensed monetary adviser earlier than buying and selling or investing in any asset, safety or cryptocurrency associated instrument! This video/dwell stream is only for leisure functions solely! —

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  1. Look at the last dip on the decending triangle and messure the move on downbreak, now measure same % on the recent breakdown on the decending trangle and look where it ends up. 6300-6450$. Mark my word

  2. For me, the several candles that have closed below the 200 MA on the daily has been confirmation that what we’ve seen in BTC since the end of April has been nothing more than a Bear Market Rally.

  3. Thanks for being honest about getting stopped out! I am also awaiting reentry, but I don't feel quite as embarrassed about it now that I know even D D Kirbonnacio can sometimes end up in the same boat!

  4. In fact Kirby…following on from my previous comment, would you be willing to share what you will do if the proce doesn't drop back down? Will you just buy back in at a higher price? The last time I was in this position (yeah, not my first time making this mistake!), I didn't want to chase the market, so I waited two months for the drop for the price to come back to me…but I missed out in a lot of opportunities during those two months! Will you just suck it up and buy back in higher? Or wait for a drop even if it takes a lonnnnnng time?

  5. So my $23 dollar's worth of bitcorns are never going to the moon kirby? Lol No multi millionaires?. You'll see kirby you'll see 😆…
    Best channel out there kirby keep up the good work….

  6. Man 1st time I've watched great piece man….really appreviate ur no puff approach let the market and analysis tell the story and trade it as it happens with sound decision making, analysis, wisdom and always managing risk!!

  7. We already have two points of contact with the .618 fibonnaci [edit $7212-7200 on my chart]….like stones skipping along a pond ready to plummet. The third or possibly fourth time we skim this golden fib, a plunge is very very possible [but a bart rise before we plummet is my favoured hypothesis]

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