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  1. You're literally not that bright!!! LOL, just kidding. The bankers won't be able to touch our coins and when fiat collapses were going to be the smartest people in the room!!

  2. On Coinbase pro there is no "place sell order" or "place buy order" button after filling out the LIMIT BUY/SELL or STOP LOSS form. (btc/usd) But there is a place order button for MARKET buy/sells. Are market buys and sells my only option on CBP or am I missing something?

  3. why is it 12,083 – shouldn't it be 12,400- Dan, how are you calculating that… I follow that if one break happens in a low time frame, it should happen in the next one….

  4. More like going to war fighting for survival than gambling, the work we put in the tool we use the preps, the plans, the skill of execution and timing ..etc. It is like going in to a battle knowing that your enemy is better armed than you and has 90% of the field surrounded but you still go in and battle. No way this is gambling LOL.

  5. Baby birds make me happy! Just want to thank you Dan, since watching your videos and investing in a couple of your courses, I've been trading BTC and occasionally LTC / XRP and ETH and I've turned $3000 into over $11,000 since last year. Some of it was BTC going up anyway, and I do have half of my portfolio socked away and don't touch it, but the trading part is very cool and I know I can grow my money by simply getting the hang of buying at oversold and selling at overbought. The best thing is that 1) I know my old age is now secure and 2) I have been able to get my 24 yr old daughter and some of her friends just to buy some BTC regularly no matter what the market is doing, so she'll be well sorted in later life. I've been trying to learn trading on an off since 1995 but nobody's ever been able to explain it to me so I got it, but you have cracked my dim skull wide open. Thanks and keep the nature videos coming, that's what it's all for really.



  7. If we all helped out our fellow man/woman a little bit like you do we would all be sitting pretty eventually. Thats how its supposed to work! Plus, what comes around goes around. $ <3 🙂

  8. Thank you so much as always Dan, after a year of watching your videos I am starting to make some decent trading decisions, you will be repaid when moon

  9. Dan, do you have Do Good Things T Shirts, Sweat Shirts, etc? If so, I would buy 2-3 instantly and likely more. I love the Motto and love your channel!

    Please let me know. I’ve taken a couple of your courses as well, and they’re life changing. So much knowledge. I go back monthly and re-watch.

  10. Great video, I'm hoping a lot of newcomers see your videos and understand what's really going on. Time and Time again I have met people that are new to Crypto. They hear it's climbing, they get excited and jump in with a little cash and then the drop! Then, they are asking, why did it drop, what happened? At that point they have bad feelings about all of it and now are negative. I think most people really don't understand how this game works. I truly feel bad about the new kids coming into this and losing money. But, it's a business just like anything else, you have to know the rules.

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