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  1. Safe to say hot money has boiled off a while ago. Interesting how the trend has been mirrored in MJ, the ICO space, growth at any cost venture space and high growth software companies.

  2. Hey Dan. You say there are no fees for trading stocks now? Is that across the board, or only on Fidelity? Can you clarify for me please? I’m looking to open up a stock trading account, and I’m debating which plaform(s) to use. Thanks!

  3. I pulled all my cash out of crypto. I'm doing forex now. Crypto exchanges are setup in my opinion for you to lose. You can't do a sell order and a stop loss ugh they want you to lose and it's to obvious

  4. What's your thought about ZRX breaking bullish? What are the odds according to your indicators? I think it can still grow up to 0.4$ before retracing and forming an inverse h&s. Cheers buddy, thanks for making these videos!

  5. Dan I have a volume question specific to bitcoin: Will bitcoin volume continue to decline relative to the past as price moves higher and higher? Look at volume for 2013 and 2015. It's been declining since then,. Unlike any other asset I can think of, Bitcoin supply will continue drop, and it's price has and potentially will rise unfathomable percentages. Combine these two factors, and I wonder how will we ever reach trading volumes like the past? When you could buy whole BTC for a few hundred dollars, in the future you may only be able to buy fractions of BTC for thousands of dollars. As someone who uses current and past volume, often comparing, , I wonder how this will affect my TA or if I should account for this. Perhaps I am missing something. Maybe you could speak about it some time. Thanks Dan.

  6. Why do we need to see a higher low to see a trend change. What if BTC weekly just went straight past 11k. Looking forward to the crypto/stock video

  7. The popular notion is that building a portfolio in cryptocurrency is by buying more and more coins but considering the present cost of btc now, it is quickly exceeding the purchasing power of the average person especially with the current position of the 50 and 200 MA which indicates a massive bull run shortly. What has been working for me for the past 2 months is trading using professional guidance which helped me realize over 5btc growth in just 2 weeks. Julius Gregersen was recommended for me and when i contacted him, he brought me back to the basics and i got to understand the thin line between winning and losing. Further guided by his live trade signals, i have been pulling in steady growth and have made up over and over again for the losses i made before meeting him.

    He can be reach via ([email protected])/*Telegram @
    julius45)* for more information regarding his system

  8. Thanks Dan, I am looking forward to your video on stocks as compared to crypto. I have really been getting fed up with the crypto markets and am so ready to add to my trade options. I have just opened a Fidelity account and am going to join your trading community as soon as I figure out how to use their platform. This upcoming video should be of great help.

  9. Thanks Dan, great to see you again, I agree about fee's, you have a unique position to affect that, due to your position as one of the most trusted analysts in the space.

  10. the market slows so that impatient folks fold and sell off. Then the big guys pump the price, so they can sell it to you at the top again. I'm working on an algo that does 20x in about 250 days. This pattern of slowing before the pump happens often. Not saying I can tell the future, but I've seen this story before

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