Bitcoin Cash Register App – How To Begin Accepting Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin Cash Register App - How To Begin Accepting Bitcoin Cash

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  1. Bitcoin cash is literal trash..hardly anyone uses it and they can't even agree on how to move forward and it's forked again and again and it'll probably fork again in the future

  2. Lightning Network would work much better. Of course 1st you'd have to run a Lightning Node. And then you'd have to open a channel with your customer. Then you'd both have to fund that channel with an estimated maximum transaction, which might take a while & cost a bit in transaction fees. After that your customer can buy whatever they want, as long as they don't exceed the funding in the channel. If the transaction fails for some reason, you'll have to start all over. Oh, and you both have to be online the whole time, or you could lose your coins.
    See how much faster & better LN is?

  3. I can't believe merchants haven't caught on that they save the 3% fees they are giving to Visa by accepting Bitcoin Cash. Mind you, Bitcoin (BTC) often is far far more expensive to transact in that Visa so I don't expect BTC to ever be used for coffee.

  4. – The current state of bitcoin is on the up and up while no one can quite explain why it’s great time to have educated on how it’s work he give me the job you can all text him (hackerlunason @ is the Best

  5. This is amazing thanks 🙏 if this is working it’s a great app!!! Can you guys please provide more in depth step by step education??? You guys have so much great tech. But education is lacking a bit from a users perspective

  6. what if Mary's employee install the app on their phone while Mary is away and they received payment on a different wallet in the app, how will Mary know if payment is made to her own address ? the employee can easily have two phones, one with Mary's coffee shop bitcoin cash address and the other with their own wallet address, and when Mary is away, they can just stop using the one with Mary's wallet address and start using the phone with their own bitcoin cash address to accept payment. Mary will never know. 😉

  7. I really would love to be able to create invoice links with this app, not just being able to scan the QR code.
    This way merchants can use this app for their activities and send a link to a payer, who is not present. It would be very helpful for our money changers in Ghana to provide money transfer easily.

    lol @ the Metal Gear sound.

  8. Great work Roger! Keep up the good work! If I understand correctly do you need to input your local currency (fiat), so it can calculate how much BCH to charge? Or to convert the BCH to local fiat currency automatically (I don't want that).

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