Bitcoin Cash Hard Forked / Vitalik Joins EOS Discussion

Today I do a market roundup, some transient technical evaluation and speak concerning the Bitcoin Cash hardfork. Check out the launch supply for my new course The Master Cryptocurrency Trader at: https://www.cryptoversity.com/courses/the-master-cryptocurrency-trader/














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Bitcoin Cash Hard Forked / Vitalik Joins EOS Discussion

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  1. I know I am going to get flamed for this but here goes. Don't dismiss Credits. I know this is an EOS haven, but I came here to hear what Chris has to say on everything so allow me to make a point. I think as crypto evolves, all these various projects are actually making us tribalistic. We become this way by dismissing and opposing everything that is "not us". We all have our favorite coins but if we fail to notice better features of other projects and consistently ignore problems of our favorites, things start to become "inbred" and eventually weak.
    Credits is faster (hundreds of times), has a better transaction fee schedule and has received no where near the amount of promotion that EOS has. If you are looking for a project that will have a high return on your investment, Credits is certainly worth considering over the next 6 weeks. As for the "scam" claims made by some prominent people in this space, I assure you they have been absolutely debunked. Credits is legit. They are undergoing an audit by FP Complete and are currently in the testing phase of their pre-release software with a projected launch of main net at the end of June or early July.

  2. BROTHER Crypto can you do a review on EXRN it was just up 35% and price is only $.000080 this will be huge it just needs to be better known thank you

  3. EOS… for people who think governments and democracy are still the most trustworthy foundation of a monetary system! facepalm

  4. very good facts and information . project mentioned will have a good future. anyway really good work on video. keep up good work sincerely jr of exciting world cryptos

  5. 18:40 I'm suprised that you were suprised by this. You're a smart guy, you know who makes the rules, you know how this 'works' right? Anyway carry on . You do good work on the technicals behind the technicals.

  6. So you need hardware with 32 megs to mine Bitcoin Cash now. No wonder my genesis mining on Bitcoin Cash started paying double all of a sudden.

  7. I believe that the current state of BCC/BCH from a software perspective is what is allowing the memo app to exist. Probably a bug or something more severe. If the memo site is not associated with BCC/BCH, they should not be allowed in the network. Nice find Chris!

  8. Sometimes if two of the three biorhythms are moving upward and are in the top positive zone it helps compensate for a biorhythm that is lagging or very negative.Being a powerlifter in the gym, I found increasing and decreasing the volume and intensity of my training with movement of the physical biorhythm lessens my chance of injury, improves recovery time while avoiding burnout and better performance as I peak biorhythmically. Also rather than try and push through negative days when I'm down intellectually and or emotionally I try and keep things simple by focusing on just one or two things a day and simply being acceptant of the current situation keeps me focused and less likely to become depressed and plagued with anxiety. Supplementing with L theanine helps too.

  9. i love it all, btc + bch + eth + eos + ada + enj + xmr+ etc…… for a quick min there is room for all…. that will change over time…. make money on all till then…

  10. Chris gone part time on us since he got 45k subs lol. I've been here since 3k subs, I'm all about that part time life style. What matters is the quality of the content not the quantity. It's alright to blaze one and not work some days 🙂

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