Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork (May 2019) Bitcoin ABC Upgrade – BCC/BCH Fork

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  1. Bitcoin ABC created Bitcoin Cash. There's not going to being a new chain called Bitcoin ABC (or anything else).

  2. The most important thing he said was at (3:50). I would sell Bitcoin Cash the day before the fork. But, why? Is there any data to back up the effect/behavior of a coin due to a hard fork being released soon? Litecoin surged $40-$50 when it’s irreputable hard fork Litecoin Cash came out. After the fork, yes Litecoin dropped. Bitcoin was surging prior to the August 1st 2017 fork of Bitcoin Cash but Bitcoin was at a time when it was already going on a tear. I think Crypto Hacker is correct for the most part. Bitcoin Cash will fall on May 15th when ABC is released.

  3. BitcoinABC is one of the development teams of BitcoinCash. There will not be a bitcoinABC coin. Just BitcoinCash upgraded

  4. I think you misunderstood the hard fork. You can't be sure, there will be to cryptos after the fork – only if some miners keep mining the old chain but it seems there is consensus in the Bitcoin Cash community for the fork, so effectively it's just a network upgrade.

  5. Looks like you are making money already. Good call. I hear some of the exchanges are seeing a flood of BTC being swapped over to BCH. Hang on! Looking at the weekly moving averages trend chart on BCH, I don't see how one could sell it right now.

  6. Awesome idea to buy this time bcc, actually based on your experience (without being a financial adviser) would you believe bcc will do an other slight drawback in order to buy it before raises more till the fork?

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