Bitcoin Cash Explained – The Fork, The Drama, The Future

Bitcoin Cash defined – what’s it? Why did it fork? Will there be one other fork? Why is there a lot drama round it? And what does the long run have in retailer for it?

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Bitcoin Cash Explained - The Fork, The Drama, The Future

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  1. craig is the real satoshi if not one of the founders of bitcoin. plz research and do a show on bSV. the fork brought more info on craig and ppl got to know him better.

  2. Thanks for the video. Was looking into bitcoin hardforks and liked the way Bitcore did it. They have made a snapshot of the BTC blockchain and imported it into the BTX blockcain. All addresses got funded with Bitcore and can be claimed. It is a POW coin and can be mined with a gpu.

  3. Bitcoin Cash is going to split very soon. Few greedy entrepreneurs behind BCH have destroyed transparency of the chain. I recommend you guys to check out Bitcoin Stash which will replace Bitcoin Cash.

  4. It'll be interesting when the next ATH comes and BTC transaction fees shoots up to USD100 or more per transfer. Thats when we will know if store of value is a good enough feature for BTC

  5. This is why, NANO, imo, is the future! (LOL) — in terms of world decentralized currency adoption.
    Bitcoin (Core) will probably retain its position as the digital store-of-value.

  6. BCH actually often have higher TX-fees than segwit-btc. so if BCH had the same price as BTC, it would be more expensive to send. therefor BCH is trelativly often more expensive to send than BTC.

  7. Excellent presentation of BTC V BCH Lark. Thank you so much for taking what must have been some considerable time, in putting that presentation together. It's very much appreciated here in the UK 👍

  8. Oh my God Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto go and research it in very deep detailed I swear if you really go deeper you find out

  9. I'm sorry but I'm a simple guy and I usually take the easiest route. I like practicality, simplicity, fast and cheap. So the choice is easy, I choose to use bitcoin cash over bitcoin and I hope all exchanges switch to bitcoin cash. I'm sick of waiting 30 to 1 hour for simple wallet transfers with bitcoin and all the rest of the problems that I've personally experienced. Bitcoin Cash is superior in my opinion.

  10. It’s not centralization, it’s capitalism, anyone has a fair chance at the hashpower. Some people have invested more, that doesn’t mean its centralization. Centralization is when Blockstream takes over the Github repo and pushes their own agenda.

  11. If bcash would have focused on it's growth in a way that wasn't about bashing bitcoin I would have been all about it. Roger Verr has hurt the product by bashing. This is why it's gonna fail if they don't change. Pretty childlike their behavior. I don't TRUST them! They are creating distractions

  12. Watching this video makes me wonder whether you've ever read the Satoshi white paper. You appear to not even know what the definition of bitcoin is.

  13. Good video on BTC,BCH,BSV(Satoshi Vision) and BCH-ABC……………………………Blimey!
    I'll have to add them to my BTG,BPrivate,BCD, SuperBTC,Bitcoin God………………forking hell, I've lost track!

    Oh Yes Just remembered my LCC for LTC!

  14. Why can't the the keepers of this just make a catalytic transition code for the old code Bitcoin to join the new ones instead of having fork off after forks offs to BC Gold BC DARK to BC WTF

  15. What is Btrash really about? At best, Roger Ver confusing the real problems facing adoption with crypto for transaction times and fees… at worst, it was a blatant power grab and mass deception campaign and a continued attempt to stump idiots into thinking BCH is Bitcoin (it's really just Litecoin at 10x the price)

  16. Thanks for nice info Lark! My mind was already made up for long time, I will never invest into or use BCH, too much drama, scammer, greed and lies behind that crypto.

  17. You did it again Lark. Hit the nail on the head with this great breakdown of facts. Bcash was a great way to show exactly what makes bitcoin a better money. It's about censorship far more than mining fees. It's unfortunate the important community it has just wants to censor any constructive thinking or answer some of these simple questions. Infighting is certainly a huge proponant as to why I want nothing to do with it. All the lies surrounding it is just the icing on the cake.

  18. "Big blocks are the only way to scale" That's not true, scaling on chain remains the philosophy of BCH. Block compression, weak blocks, etc are all scaling solutions using on chain that aren't simply raising blocksize.

  19. Well said Lark,great video,I have a question ..why is it you think tho nobody blinks an eye or says any thing about "Bitcoin gold" bitcoin diamond,bitcoin dark,bitcoin private,bitcoin red,bitcoin atom,bitcoin fast,bitcoin file,first bitcoin,bitcoin green,bitcoin god,bitcoin interest,bitcoin Instant,bitcoin Incongnito, and a few others, about stealing the name,,why do you think that is?..or why is that?. It's just a feud over bitcoin cash stealing the name…….NOSHAVETILL20K cRyPtO LaRk nAtIoN! (mind you I have seen answer to this on twitter etc,but maybe a lot of people have not,as well as the question,and Iam sure they wonder)(basically a question for people wondering,as Iam sure like I said many do)

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