Bitcoin Cash Back On Track

Roger Ver cancelled his help for plan to start out utilizing piece of block rewards / inflation to fund Bitcoin Cash builders. Great information which suggests it probably will not occur however nonetheless some critical harm carried out by many for even supporting this concept in first place and attempting to push it by means of. Of the highest of my head, Jihan Wu, Amaury Sechet, Vin Armani, Hayden Otto, Chris Pacia and plenty of different BCH leaders supported it, whereas many others had been silent after they wanted to talk out.

Immediately this lowered the ethical excessive floor Bitcoin Cash had within the cryptocurrency group and will likely be used in opposition to us for years to return. It additionally broken my belief I had in these leaders, who I believed to have robust rules and sharp enterprise acumen.

I feel subsequently threat/reward has gone down for BCH, vs for instance Ethereum, and a decrease allocation continues to be justified. Other components additionally play, resembling excessive odds Bitcoin Core nonetheless to check backside round 4k, which can probably make BCH go down extra as ETH. Shifted my publicity from 30% BCH / 20% ETH to 20% BCH / 30% ETH, however plan to go to majority BCH once more if we’d appropriate and take a look at the underside as I really feel BCH group was really strengthened by this battle, realizing extra what we’re, how we function, and what wants be carried out to see our voluntary donation enterprise mannequin work higher.

Talking about significance of POS vs POW, to get excessive safety at low price, in addition to put the ability to make massive modifications to the system the place it belongs: with the coinholders. Also focus on crowdfunding platform Lighthouse, developed by Mike Hearn and Olivier Janssens at finish video that was initially invented to unravel funding drawback in Bitcoin Core and I consider could be nice answer for Bitcoin Cash, selecting up the place Bitcoin Core went mistaken. Would be very completely satisfied to assist finance it.



Steve Patterson:

Lighthouse platform by Mike Hearn:

Bitcoin Cash Back On Track

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  1. Hi, Marc. Are you from Netheland? the subtitles(which is auto generated by youtube) in all your youtube channel is defaulted to Netheland language. Can you change back the language to English so your subscribers can see the subtitles as well. Thanks a lot!

  2. All three Bitcoins (and their clones) have a basic problem of leakage of network value to external miner manufacturers and power companies.

  3. Marc great job.
    I also did not like that plan.
    How about an SLP token or a Stable coin on the BCH blockchain.
    The coin can be used in commerce and the devs can raise money right away

  4. This guy has a big stick in the BCH universe….just killed the developer funding idea like bam. Roger Ver ON HIS channel like sorry sir….LOL…..anyway, im wondering if we test the bottom at this point in the crypto market? it appears we are going for 10.5k…..unless its a double top then tank, im not too optimistic we pull back now.

  5. I only have 1 bitcoin cash, my money went into BTC , LTC and DGB. This cryptocurrency game is very frustrating , so many opinions. I was told today in the comments section of another video that Stellar will beat all of its competitors (B-cash, litecoin and DigiByte). VERY FRUSTRATING.

  6. It is very good to observe you – in just a few days changing you mind so dramatically about one coin – all because of the inconsistent actions of one man. Personally I would not feel comfortable investing a lot of money into a project that depended so much on just one man – and certainly not if that man would be Roger Ver.

  7. Regardless on your thoughts about Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver is a baller. Crypto would be a better place if there were more people like him, instead of anonymous Bitcoin shills endlessly repeating the same supposed store of value propaganda

  8. Marc I want to respectfully tell you that I believe it is highly unlikely we retest 4k for BTC core, with that said great call on Tesla.

  9. Bold statement on ETH getting to flip BTC in market cap πŸ™‚ it's something i kinda secretly fantasized, NEVER out loud!!! don't want to jinx it! From a FA it has the potential, the issue is how well they'll handle the migration of De-Fi from Eth1 to Eth2.0. IF they succeed withe the transition, it's chances will rise significantly.
    Noice string of thoughts Marc, it's same thing I tell to my friends, while DCA-ing into ETH whenever i get the chance.
    Not a very fan of bch, mainly because i missed the boat πŸ™‚
    Cheers mate!

  10. This will never work. Volunteerism doesn't work. Neither taxations will work. Because it's a failed protocol and nobody wastes money with a failed protocol

  11. I think you had a significant influence over this decision Marc. Much more than you even know! Thank you so much man.

  12. Why are you happy for this? In the long run, it is not sustainable to do it based on donations. Personally, even though I am bch whale, I have no plans to give donations. I just want my bags pumping and let others to contribute. I am a free rider here, and if I see the price is going to start dumping, I will create the dump by liquadating my positions (which is large thanks to the fact that I was able to get a sizeable position during xmas – and last weekend I even added like 100 bch to my position just to buy a couple block rewards from the markets).

  13. Donation model will only take a coin so far imo. Treasury will make better sense from a business appetite perspective. If this does not become apparent in a next hypercycle with institutional fomo, I will change my opinion and believe in a new p2p paradigm.

  14. If the dev tax would go through that would be the end of BCH. The dev funding couild be arranged so that piece Bitcoin Cash Games profits and exchange profits go to the devs in addition to donations.

  15. Marc, the biggest competition for BCH in my opinion is currently DAI (a decentralized stablecoin). Why? Because if people are going to use crypto for day-to-day purchases, they need milk to cost the same on Tuesday as it did on Monday. No one will hold a volatile crypto in a wallet for daily purchases if they have an option to use a dectralized stablecoin like DAI. And if they are looking to grow wealth, they'll buy Bitcoin or another volatile crypto. But they'll store those cryptos and not use them to buy coffee. I do hold some BCH, but I may sell it because of logic above. What am I missing or not understanding? Where is the flaw in my logic?

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