Bitcoin Cash 51% Attack Claims Are Blatant Fake News

Following the latest Bitcoin Cash halving, crypto faux information publishers went into overdrive selling false claims about Bitcoin Cash being each straightforward and low-cost to 51% assault. Here’s why that will not occur.

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0:03 – Fake information following the BCH Halvening

0:28 – Sources from the previous

1:03 – 51% assault on Bitcoin Cash is extremely unbelievable for quite a lot of causes

1:19 – Mining pool operators supporting BCH

1:37 – Switching BTC hashrate to BCH when there’s an assault, and the primary assault;

2:38 – The second incident

3:22 – Deep reorg safety

4:07 – The most necessary factors on why BCH gainedt be 51% attacked

5:08 – Thoughts on faux information websites

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Bitcoin Cash 51% Attack Claims Are Blatant Fake News

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  1. This video seems to suggest that a 51% attack isn't anything to worry about. While I agree it's not plausible given the built-in incentives to these networks, it should still be taken seriously as an attack vector that a miner or group of miners may look to exploit.

    Even with the 10 block reorg protection, that does not prevent a chain split due to a divergence in consensus at some given point or a shadow chain of 9 blocks.
    During this time before the BTC halving, BCH is infact more vulnerable in terms of cost of hashrate to overtake the network. You must rely on trusting a few mining pools instead of consensus. That is still be a concern that shouldn't be ignored.

  2. High fee's will kill BTC again once under load like back in 2017 and people will look again at bitcoin cash.
    Craig Wrights done a great job with the lies to destroy any threat BSV has.

  3. why don't mention the KYC scam i've been through? i deposited 0,3BTC to trade and they KYC me but in their rules it says only if you have over 1BTC they KYC … so why this scam?

  4. BCH didn't have the 51% attack but the 20x times price cut….from 4000 to 200usd ahh ahhhh. Imagine if BTC will be divided by 20 times. BTC will be valued at 1000usd…..

  5. ignore trolls and maximalists, BCH roadmap is moving towards and the developments and progress are very good, privacy is coming. Hashrate will rise after BTC halving in 17 days.

  6. Super awesome video, keep them going – What's the most interesting thing you have bought with Bitcoin?
    BCH >>> qr5uumr0hfdz0x867mk8m9hxvjv8gyngcvjlypr7f4

  7. After researching Crypto for a few years I have traded my BTC for BCH. I am not trying 2 fit in I am doing what I believe is best for my family. And after listening 2 RV it is obvious that he knows his stuff and makes fantastic points. BCH 4 the win in my opinion.. 🤘💯👍🌎✨

  8. One miner (Roger Ver) was already able to use a 51% attack on BCH back when the majority of miners already supported BitcoinSV to push through the changes that he wanted. This was done by paying money for a temporary amount of majority hash at the time of the fork. This wasn't a decentralised consensus, it was one guy with money dictating the direction of BCHs future. The very fact that this already happened shows that BCH can be easily attacked, and now with such a small percentage of hash securing it, it's easier and cheaper to attack.

  9. I think people are more concerned about the current price of Bitcoin Cash instead of all the tech. Especially those who bought in the first year. I guess real adoption never happens if there is no growth in price like BTC had.

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