Bitcoin Cash 12.5% Controversial Developer Fund To Raise Over 7 Million Dollars + 200m In Funding

Bitcoin Cash BCH is getting ready a really controversial exhausting fork the place they’ll allow a 12.5% charge utilized to each block reward mined to fund BCH improvement. This will elevate over 7 million {dollars} at the moment?! Subscribe to VoskCoin – http://voskco.in/Sub

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Bitcoin Cash BCH has a brand new mining pool lead initiative to allow a 12.5% block reward charge beginning in May 2020. This new improvement charge can be despatched to a Hong Kong primarily based entity that may distribute these funds as a brand new Bitcoin Cash BCH developer fund. Bitcoin Cash BCH just lately was pledged 200 million {dollars} from Roger Ver’s agency, Bitcoin.com. However, Bitcoin Cash is aiming to scale back enterprise donation affect on Bitcoin Cash and make it extra of a community-funded effort, and thus prime Bitcoin Cash BCH mining swimming pools by hashrate akin to BTC.prime, Antpool, ViaBTC, BTC.com, and Bitcoin.com are aiming to allow this improvement fund.. even when they need to orphan Bitcoin Cash BCH blocks which might be mined in opposition to this potential proposal!

Note this was initially cited to lift about 6 million {dollars} for Bitcoin Cash improvement, nonetheless with Bitcoin Cash BCH buying and selling at $370 on the time of posting this video, the potential earnings from the proposed 12.5% improvement charge have elevated considerably from the unique $300 Bitcoin Cash quantity used within the calculations within the unique proposal article.


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Bitcoin.com Roger Ver to take a position 200m Bitcoin Cash – http://voskco.in/IBnE

Zcash to extend their founders reward – http://voskco.in/mU7a

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Bitcoin Cash 12.5% Controversial Developer Fund To Raise Over 7 Million Dollars + 200m In Funding

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  1. Is already been rejected by the bch community, is probably not going to go anywhere. But people jump the gun and act like it's a done deal.

  2. i complain about hex, and yes i am not involved with hex, people should see that it is only a few individuals enriching themselves. It is no argument that if you don't hold bch that you can't speak out about it.

  3. The next coming weeks would be fantastic for bitcoin especially since the $9,000 resistance has been confirmed. The bulls clearly have been triggered and are ready to soar higher to the moon. Bitcoin will clearly set a new all-time highs soon above $20,000. Investors shouldn’t just hold and wait for the imminent mooning, accumulating and increasing the portfolio should be the trend now so as to fully exploit and take advantage of the upcoming price rocket. Imagine having over 15 btc when the price of bitcoin hit above $20,000 region. I set a target of having 20 btc before then and currently am not far because I have 15 btc in my portfolio. I didn’t get that through dollar cost average but trading daily using signals from Allan Shaw. His signals are accurate, efficient and yields good ROI I mean I started implementing his signals into my trades at 2 btc two months back. Allan can be reached through Telegram @Allanshaw and WhatsApp: +48 732121976 for his guided assistance in trading cryptocurrency.

  4. As a miner myself, politics aside and focusing strictly on MAKING MONEY, at first bitcoin cash looked attractive since they initially wanted to raise the block limit and scale with bigger blocks. If we think about it for a second, where would bitcoin be today if they just raised the bitcoin block size back in 2017…..and fees never got soo high…….Do people honestly believe that as blocks become bigger that people won't find ways to mine it…….and make more MONEY?!!? lol As much as I hate to say it BSV is the only project that is actually thinking about the long term on a global scale while still remaining peer to peer. Hopefully after the halving in May….people start to open their eyes. With the lightning network, if you only pay to open and close a channel as the block reward CONTINUES TO DECREASE where will miners get their profits from? If you open a lightning channel at the grocery store you always shop at, your favorite coffee shop, you favorite restaurants, that gas station that you always go to, what reason would you have to close a channel after its already open. Bitcoin can literally be the most secure network on planet earth……but instead a COMPANY would like us to use their "solution" OFF CHAIN!!!! but don't worry its just, "18 months away" BIG blocks = Big money, period.

  5. Be careful not to say anything against your ASIC overlords Vosk or they will stop sponsoring your "Should you buy this new ASIC" videos 😛

  6. Satoshi didn't need a dev tax and its the most valued, a dev tax will not help improve the value at all.

  7. BCH is trash because it has control points and therefore it is no longer decentralized and can be manipulated at will. BCH = value 0$

  8. Conversely $VRSC @VerusCoin hard forked to introduce ID's on their network and the rewards from the purchase of them goes straight to the miners. Now that's fair IMHO

  9. Great video Vosk! Thanks for posting. If you use the nr1. rule in rusky incesting; "there's never just one cockroach", it's safe to assume that right now it's a good moment to stop supporting b-cash and it's a good moment to unload this dictatorial garbage before it's too late.

  10. the initial article was a proposal despite how it read.. it has turned out more divisive than expected and unlikely to go ahead.

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