Bitcoin BULL Market Confirmed IF $BTC Can Do This ONE Thing! 🚀 ETH Explodes! Energi AMA

Ethereum pumps! #Bitcoin at essential ranges, the case for the $1M $BTC, outdated males hate crypto, $LTC halvening, $TRX vulnerability, $ETH dApp transactions at ATH, Lightning Network rickshaws, $NRG AMA, crypto information, and extra!

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1:08 Markets ??
5:32 The one factor to substantiate a bull market?
8:20 BTC to 1 Million?
9:41 Fake News:
10:18 Charlie Munger disses BTC:
11:19 …after which contradicts himself:
12:51 Shut down crypto?
14:30 Gold vs Fiat vs BTC:
16:34 Litecoin Halvening:
16:44 Tron important bug!
17:34 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) handle 50% txs:
18:13 Ethereum dApp txs ATH:
19:10 Diar report:
19:48 Unstoppable Domains replace:
21:28 Bcause LLC:
22:08 Cycle Rickshaws x Lightning Network:
23:11 ? NRG EarnDrop ?
23:50 ? Energi (NRG) AMA with Tommy World Powers

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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a monetary advisor. This is just not monetary recommendation. This is simply my opinion. This video comprises a sponsored section designed to teach and inform solely. In no manner does it counsel or condone you purchase NRG cash now or sooner or later. Always do your personal analysis earlier than investing. I’m not accountable for your trades…

INSANE Bitcoin Coincidence: The Most Bullish Signal Yet?! ? Timing is CRITICAL!

Watch this video once more as a result of it is superior:

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  1. Hey k-dub thanks for the awesome content as always. Its actually comical to see so many people cant see the future and potential of digital assets and how they are going to affect our lives in every which way. We will be wrap in crypto currency before you know it. thanks

  2. Nice interview with TommyWorldPower Crypto Zombie! Energi seems to have a really bright future. Lots of room for growth and a plan to implement measures to insure success. If you haven't checked out NRG yet, you should. It is going upward.

  3. All i hear and see are stubborn or ignorant old men. At least i like to think thats all it is. However my gut tells me its because they are just as threatened by bitcoin/crypto as banks are….. also, a nano would be lit 😌. I really want to get one.

  4. Reminder that Łitecoin transaction fees being reduced 10x today – cryptoinsider has an article – Łitecoin August reward halving on the horizon.. 🌬…….🏖

  5. Does the price of BTC have to hit $1 million on an exchange, or can McAfee just pay someone $1 million for a BTC, thus 'the price' was a million? For finding him a loophole, I hope he buys that 1 from me.

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