Bitcoin Brief – Steem Lords, CSW Not Satoshi AGAIN, Russia Vs BTC & Fees

Bitcoin Brief – BTC on Wall Street, Ripple’s Fake Money & ?AdamBackToshi?

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Topic 1: Steem Disaster, listed here are the storeis:

Topic 2: Craig Wright is Not Satoshi, Again and Again

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Topic 3: Russia & Bitcoin

Topic 4: Bitcoin Mixers & Bitcoin Demand

Topic 5: Bitcoin Fees and a Look at Mempool

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Bitcoin Brief - Steem Lords, CSW Not Satoshi AGAIN, Russia Vs BTC & Fees

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  1. Tone clearly doenst know how Bitcoin work.. You cant move Bitcoin out of any country.. all bitcoins sit on the netowk.. you can only store your password in diffrent places..move the password written on paper outside the country? is that what you mean… lol

    draw a line from the first time BTC reached 1$ (Feb.2011) to the 14k (Jun.2019)
    and you will see the all truth in front of your eyes
    thank me next years

  3. Oh undemocratic anticapitalist Russia turned out to be undemocratic anticapitalist Russia. What a shocker LMAO Platon Lebedev laughs his ass off.
    The whole Larimer Empire is a hoax. Every his invention is complete failure. He tried so many times and every time his idea has a hidden genetic disease that surfaces later.
    Openledger is falling apart. STEEM becomes a shitcoin. We only wait for EOS to prove the rule.
    This embezzler should have been put to prison years ago. He brought cancer to our crypto world.

  4. Justin Sun Abuses His Power …Thanks to Proof of Stake Consensus….Hate (PoS) Reminds me of Finance 1.0

  5. Tone! Can you say we will hit and brake 10k sou it would happen lol ??? It works like this right? Each time you say we don’t it happen sou i just saying …..

  6. I'd love to see a lawyer panel regarding whether bitcoin mixing is illegal. My assumption is that there is a strong probability you are facilitating money laundering (for tax avoidance and the dark markets) and that it would be illegal.
    If you were taking USD from multiple parties, without requiring any kind of identification, and distributing them in a way that obfuscates their origin and destination – I think this would be seen as money laundering.

  7. I just realised that the person who signed the message could have done slightly different to the suggestions given in this video, something like: "This is signed proof that these addresses belong to me (Craig Wright) and I want to take this opportunity to apologise formally for creating a scam fork of Bitcoin (BSV) and let everyone know that Bitcoin Core is the true Bitcoin and I will be putting my full backing behind Bitcoin Core while also begging the Bitcoin community for forgiveness" so then he has to choose between admitting he is a fraud or admitting that Bitcoin Core is the true bitcoin… hahahahahaha

  8. 20:42 How do we know this is true story!? so many times in past we hear same things about China! then boom next week we find out it was false information….so has anyone looked into this have we talked to people in Russia about this?

  9. Jimmy missed the ball on that $26m Steem deposit. So on the day of the hard fork. Justin's Account got hacked by a white hat hacker who sent the newly confiscated tokens to Bittrex with a note to return them to the users. Last minute robin hood.

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