Bitcoin Brief – Monero Not Private, ETH Fees, INX Armies & Fidelity Fund

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Bitcoin Brief - Monero Not Private, ETH Fees, INX Armies & Fidelity Fund

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  1. The CipherTrace claims about Monero mentioned here are from a press release with big claims and no evidence. Tone likes to talk big but has no clue about the technicals so he just parrots Jimmy's generalized explanation about Monero that has no bearing on the particulars. Also, the idea that Bitcoin somehow has a larger anonymity set than Monero is very misleading. The design of Bitcoin makes it much easier to track than Monero. Even the CipherTrace CEO just said in the following Reddit thread that "Unlike Bitcoin, Monero will always be a probabilistic analysis problem":

  2. You should do Silver separately in your next video because it's definitely not following Gold right now, Silver has bounced off and stayed above the 20 day average while Gold fell through it.

  3. RE Breaking Ground: If I'm not mistaken, Overstock actually issued the first SEC registered STO in 2016, OSTKP. The tZERO alternative trading system has been facilitating STO trading since last January.

  4. Tone this videos not showing up under your channel uploads for some reason or under search on PC. Got the notification on mobile and copied link

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