Bitcoin Brief – #DeleteCoinbase, Security Tokens, Coinsquare & China Coin

Bitcoin Brief – #DeleteCoinbase, Security Tokens, Coinsquare & China Coin

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Topic 1: Security Tokens on an un-identified blockchain

Topic 2: Coinsquare Date Hack

Topic 3: #DeleteCoinbase

Topic 4: China & Digital Money (sure once more)

Topic 5: Bitcoin Fees as lead in for Mempool

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Bitcoin Brief - #DeleteCoinbase, Security Tokens, Coinsquare & China Coin

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  1. What would be the safest way to accumulate BTC now the government is gaining more oversight in Coinbase? I’ve been dollar cost averaging on Coinbase Pro for the past 6 months but am considering deleting my account now. Can’t afford futures contracts.

  2. Not sure which alt to buy? Buy mHLX. Take it from me – you will be satisfied with the result in the end of the year. Im not persuading anyone to buy mHLX but it is super tech advanced project, an improved version of IOTA frankly speaking. If you dont buy it now when it is still in stealth mode i believe you will be buying it when it crosses 5$

  3. Tone, i managed to get a haircut at the vets…whilst i was there i thought i might as well get neutered at the same time, id recommend it, lifes been a hell of a lot simpler since.

  4. One of facebooks largest and earliest partnerships was with world policing agencies. Facebook IS a spying tool in and of itself. That data does land directly in police and government hands. I cite every case where criminals posted their crime and were caught within hours to days.

  5. Your bank doesn't want to spy on you for the government? Not the case unfortunately Tone. Maybe your bank doesn't want to but they will CTR / SAR etc etc their clients as required. Ask any teller.

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