Bitcoin Brief – DeFi Hacks, Iran Mining, Blockstream, Venezuela Satellites

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Topic 1: DeFi

The Hack:

The Freeze:

Insiders Dump on You:

Topic 2: Iran to Auction off Energy to Bitcoin Miners

Topic 3: Blockstreams new Multi-Asset Wallet

Topic 4: Venezuela will get a Satellite Node

Topic 5: Optimization of Bitcoin Elliptic Curves

Expiration may need been adjusted:

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Bitcoin Brief - DeFi Hacks, Iran Mining, Blockstream, Venezuela Satellites

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  1. Awesome video… I have had a good profit of bitcoin through the help an experienced professional accounts trading manager who helped me earned upto $7800 within 7days of trading

  2. Why do Tone and Jimmy always need ti switch in the arrogant modus when talking about shit coins?
    They are such big experts – why to they need to damage their great work with this displaced and childish behaviour?
    It always forces me to switch it off.

  3. Christine, remember Wright was going to expose a vulnerability in segwit?, and all that tulip trust nonsense?, do not be fooled by practised con artists, he is a narcissistic and manipulative conman

  4. Decentralization until our funds get stolen right? Bitcoin was never about decentralization and circumventing the law. Decentralization was only a means to produce honest record keeping through a distributed ledger. The rule of law still applies to Crypto.

    Craig was Wright.

  5. Tone you better dont give opinions on socialism is bad when in reality capitalism isnt good either, destroying the planet and producing polution to end life on earth, dont think its wise no planet no life easy mathematics..

  6. Good show, decent amount of Bitcoin news versus Altcoin news. Suggestion, let Jimmy do a proper review of the hardware wallets. Perhaps Ledger and Trezor aren't the best, but maybe good enough and easier to use for some people …

  7. I would prefer if it was you and Jimmy casually talking about the subjects, without the girl. This girl host is really annoying and makes it difficult to watch

  8. The definition of stupidity is what some of these people are doing in defi…. Throw all your savings into a random project? Sure! What could go wrong!

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