Bitcoin Brief – 11 Year Old Coins Moved, BlockFi Hack & More

Bitcoin Brief – 11 Year Old Coins Moved, BlockFi Hack & More

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Bitcoin Brief - 11 Year Old Coins Moved, BlockFi Hack & More

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  1. 16:04 Look at all the comments in the bottom right, seems like those people got scammed buying Btrash without knowing it and they all ask why their BTC doesn't match up.
    Added: "Pick one crypto inlfuencer…" without Andreas in the list, go fuck yourself!

  2. Jack Dorsey would be a good choice to explain Bitcoin to JK. When Cashapp lauched they had a nice cartoon explaining it.

  3. В России гoтовят сильнeйшую дeвaльвaцию!! Хвaтайте дoллаpы пoкa еcть!! Уже валюты ни в одном бaнкe нeт, кошмаp какoй-тo, тoлько нa зaкaз!

  4. this is worrying.. if 1 exchange can clogg up the bitcoin netwok.. than its very very sensitive for anywone with big pockets who whanna flood the network..
    if goverment just want to prevent bitcoin to suceede, they ney can flood it/clogg it up totally for as long as they want

  5. Am i the only person that used to care about all this with a passion and the more this shit show that is crypto goes on the more i really dont care !!

  6. Hi Tone, can you please then repeat your alternatives list of the 4 top bitcoin influencers were? 1. AndreasA., 2. TheBitcoinRabbi of “Bitcoin Money” kids book?! and who else? and I guess Giacomo kept 3.Elon Musk on the list as he did a nice reply anyway.. Why not Leah Wald, she is a celebrity as was an US 'Miss' and also as bitcoiner investment knowledgeable influencer from previous yt Hyperwave channel …

  7. The coins were moved by Ira Kleiman. Apparently they've recovered some stuff from his dead brother's computer from back when he worked on Bitcoin. Keep in mind, these coins were mined in the first month (2 weeks?) of Bitcoins release so it couldn't have been more than 5-10 people mining.

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