Bitcoin Breaking Up! BTC & Chainlink Price Prediction & Technical Analysis June Targets 2020

Bitcoin halving targets, value evaluation, information, replace. Bitcoin and chainlink prediction. Halving moon!!


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Today we take a look at the bitcoin and chainlink charts. Bitcoin has simply had an enormous pull again and dump to the draw back. This correction could have simply began. We shall be doing a bitcoin halving evaluation to see all targets and predictions. Hope you get pleasure from.


Do NOT commerce based mostly on what you see on this evaluation. Disclaimer – The content material on this video and on this channel are usually not meant to be monetary recommendation. The content material on this video and on this channel are solely meant for leisure functions solely!


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Bitcoin Breaking Up! BTC & Chainlink Price Prediction & Technical Analysis June Targets 2020

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  2. S&p is dragging BTC up. I think we will see 10.6K very soon if S&p doesnt dump tomorrow. But great analysis.

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  5. Can you keep your video volume constant throughout the whole video, ie the intro is so loud, thus viewers had to tune it down, but when you start speaking, its so low volume, then viewer gotta tune it up again. This is the common problem with youtubers who majority started as amateurs without following broadcast standards. Its hard to tell those popular youtubers because their ego were already high. Hope you will take this into consideration especially many people are on headphones and sudden spike in volume hurts the ears. On to the TA..

  6. Very clever intro! Thanks for the content. Still hoping you will tell us which money flow chart you are using.

  7. NO – come on the bears, I need another foot in the around 6,250 – 7k mark (or lower of course!! 😊) before silly season…

  8. Cheers man… always so detailed and much appreciated. Nice intro! Pop your face in a box and watch your views sky rocket. Best TA online bar none.

  9. right now its saying sit on your hands right now its a chop shop i always take note of which stage were in Consolidation, Expansion and a Break or Trending to me it looks like the Expansion Phase or chop shop stick to the boundaries and be patient, i love this phase you can scalp so much if played correctly GREAT CONTENT

  10. 2020 is the best year for cryptocurrency and I love to invest in whc ..this is the fastest coin ever and also there is no transaction speed .highly recommended to invest in whc.

  11. Very difficult to decide. What i see is despite the bearish signals, there really doesn’t seem to be a lot of selling pressure other than people placing barriers at predictable levels. But also bulls being very cautious. I do think the longer it plays sideways without breaking under 8600-ish, the more likely we go up cause everyone is expecting lower prices to buy. They just might not get them

    I believe correlation with stocks will ultimately decide. Yeah, i know this is a bit of a non-answer

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