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In as we speak’s Bitcoin replace, we talk about the place Bitcoin is headed within the quick time period future. We speak about a resistance stage at $10,000 and an up trending stage of resistance that Bitcoin has damaged bearish out of. Where will Bitcoin retrace to? And how lengthy will it’s till we proceed this rally? How can we maximize our earnings? We talk about this and extra in as we speak’s video.

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  1. Below are affiliate links. They all benefit YOU if you sign up, while helping to support the channel. I use and recommend ALL of these products and services.


    Save 84% at or use a code cryptojebb & get two amazing gifts: 4 extra months with the 3-year plan and the NordLocker file encryption app for free!


    Ledger has the best hardware wallets on the market, and are the only brand I trust to store my Bitcoin


    Sign up with this link and when you upgrade to a paid plan, you will receive $30


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  2. Bitcoin currently is trading slightly above $9,100 but it is likely to go lower if it breaks below the $8,680 support levels, this doesn’t call for despair because most likely the asset would soon experience a great upward surge in coming months, what should be of an utmost priority now is accumulating and increasing your holdings while waiting for the imminent bull run. A very simple but effective approach I developed for myself is trading with the guidance of expert traders and with the aid of Nathan Trueman through his daily trade signals being copied in my trades I have grown my portfolio from 2 btc to 8 btc in just a month. Now’s the perfect opportunity to get in on bitcoin because soon enough the asset will moon and I strongly advise investors to exploit this golden opportunity by having more than a handful before the bull run finally kicks in, for example, I can’t say am doing bad and I plan to own at least 20 btc before the final mooning of bitcoin. He can be reached through direct messaging on his WhatsApp:+44 7723 984457 and also his Telegram:nathantrueman for newbies/less experienced traders who need help with growing their portfolio.

  3. There is going to be ups and downs……your going up against a entity that is not welcoming you with open arms

  4. Thanks for Salute to service members. I have 2 boys out there.
    What do you think of ichimoku clouds. In your training? I'm thinking of your course and being part of it


    draw a line from the first time BTC reached 1$ (Feb.2011) to the 14k (Jun.2019)

    and you will see the all truth in front of your eyes

    thank me next years

  6. We could wick below 200MA all the way to 7000 on a sharp downwards move. Then a week or two of sideward movement for the market to re-stabilise. From there need some real big buy orders to shake off the bearish sentiment.

  7. When they say we will ban btc then I have a strange feeling that or they afraid or they lie or this is for now but in the future they will accept it. Four steps, ignore, laugh, fight, then you win.

  8. It's 1 am it's at 89… I think it's gonna come up a little more for another hour and then drop to about 82-80, hold there for a short bit and then should start pumping back up… But I still feel we have a drop to 6k, but only for a brief moment before it head's lunar…

  9. Looking at the charts on a weekly and monthly long term past history (BLX,1D (log)) we went 94% into the consol pattern last time 2015 and this one is even longer and will be by the time we break out of it 4-4.5 years total.
    Sorry to put a bag of sugar in your fuel tank of hopeium to break out of this long term consol structure but it is not going to happen any time soon, and the bottom ($5500-6000 ish) will most likely be retested somewhere around Oct this year and breaking out of this consol patten about Feb-March next year.
    Jebb, I have learnt a lot from your CT2A and the one thing I have realised the most is market structure overrides market sentiment (except where there is no structure at all identifiable), market sentiment overrides TA. (though you don't teach that) It is wise to trade the market structure and fuck the rest off even though Market sentiment helps form the structure and TA helps to forecast where the sentiment & structure is headed but both succumb to long term structure!
    The structure will stay in place until is made redundant such as will happen with this uptrend support line.
    Hopeium is all the brain noise of the market but has no bearing except in the fool.
    Most of the commentary on UTube is simply bullshit dressed in a fancy title pandering to the masses trying to make money out of advertising hopeium.
    The bull run we are all hoping for is a little way off yet when this current consol pattern is made redundant 6-10 months.
    Your course is simple, informative and to the point and can be applied to any market.
    One other thing your call for BTC to the 200 SMA is a little off (too early) as the bulls have not worked out yet that the market is going to start to pull back their still having their dose of hopeium.
    This uptrend of the support structure has not broken yet. It will follow it up for a little while making a lower high. A good shorting position incoming soon.

  10. I want to bring up a point and see others take on it. For the last 5 years I have been a huge bitcoin and blockchain tech supporter. I have actually done seminars in my home town on helping people understand it. I was all in on the crypto markets and super passionate about it. My views as of recent have changed. I actually sold my crypto and am diversifying it into other assets. While researching other things unrelated to investing I had a lightbulb go off. Don't make fun, but just what got me thinking. I was actually studying pizzagate and remembered how the first transaction is listed as "a couple of pizzas". Even in quotations like I typed out. It got me questioning things, as I tend to do, and had to make sure for my own state of mind, this wasn't the way child trafficking was being funded. The more I dug into this conspiracy the more my stomach turned. I can give you any info I found if you request it. I then thought of gesara and how that was fulfilling the satoshi vision if it were true. I do believe blockchain would be very useful in this move. But I wonder, if the satoshi dream was built around a monetary system not controlled by a manipulative few, how is it accomplished if the deep states tentacles are all through it on these unregulated markets. Who are these whales and miners that hold power over bitcoin (we know china is a big one), and in turn the entire crypto market? Who is satoshi? Could the deep state flee into crypto and satoshi dump on them? I've explored many theories. It saddens me to think the vision I held so strong has crumbled at my computer screen. When I saw bill gates patent for WO202060606 it crumbled even more. They are definitely in on this. Can the vision be saved? Or have we just helped create a new more powerful digital version of the federal reserve? And with the banning of crypto use in Russia, how will that effect it if Russia is top trade volume? Will America follow? Is the dream dead? What do you think? Also wondering if there truly is massive child trafficking coming to light, if there is a mention of cryptos use in this, if it will damage it as well. My faith in it has been lost to be honest. And that's a big thing coming from me one of its die hards.

  11. I feel it goes to 6 thouwow I with you I would like to pick up some BTC at the price. Lol talk that mess about Russia 😂 and much respect about recognizing the holiday keep it up……….. ☮️!!!

  12. Russian banning bitcoin is a great news for the free world, practically, the rest of the world, or rather I should say, it is only bad news to themselve. Communism and dictatorship always leads to poverty, we see it over and over again in history. Look at what happened to China after they de-communismized their economy and allowed it to be free, they grow!

  13. Absolutely brainwashed worshiping of order-followers who absolutely are not to thank for your freedom and safety. Particularly given the current tyranny we're living under. Most who fight 'for their country' may very well be well-intentioned, but they aren't heroes and do not deserve praise. These are also the same people who'll be enforcing the dystopia we're entering because of the erroneous belief in authority / government. Those who enforce the law and fight wars are not servants of the people, they are to be feared.
    Soldiers are NOT heroes ; rather just useful idiots who would still have their legs if they'd decided to mind their own business and raise their own kids instead of destroying other countries and murdering innocent people and their kids at the behest of the powers that should not be and their agendas that may be disguised in pretenses of 'protecting freedom' but in fact do the exact opposite, all funded by the theft expense of your tax money.

  14. Your channel , Ivan on tech and Altcoin daily are the only channels someone need to see know all about bitcoin and financial news affecting bitcoin Great work keep it up

  15. Jebb, would Bitcoin rally as a safe haven, should WWIII break out between the U.S. and the Red Dragon? In the short term, as you have said, BTC may fall to the 200 DMA, and then probably rebounce to $20K.

  16. Hey dude. My .0000002 btc is that if btc doesn't close above 9200 in the next few days it will hit 3800 for a double bottom. 😁

  17. $LCX exchange launching before the end of this month. First and only regulated STO exchange in the world, following the Lichtenstein blockchain law created in Jan 2020. If you got time. Please do some research. Its more than worth it.

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