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  1. Bitcoin is more centralized than EOS. Its not about the nodes. Its about the handful of mining pools that validate transactions. Cardano is certainly under the gun but they are designing their system to issue peak rewards when they have ~100 operating stake pools giving all users incentive try and maintain that balance. Anyone running Daedalus is running a full Cardano node. (Disclaimer: I hold ADA, EOS and BTC)

  2. You annunciate youโ€™re Sโ€™s more then anyone dude! Youโ€™re outro is Sssssssssee you, for goodness sakes. You hang on Sโ€™s in every video with certain words lol. Talk about a knife. Lol still love your videos

  3. Dhello Dehverrybottti (great Barney voice!) .. Dhi lub you, you luv me, we're a gwate big… uhhhhhmm uhhhhmmm, ohhh yeah, family… uhhhm yaa sooo let's mooooovon! Ba-BAA-ba-baaaa-BAA- yeah, uuuhhhh It is so UNBELIEVABLE how little you know and/or understand about this space! …UUHHHHH ,Ehh-oohh -paabaa-baaa-baaa-baaa-paa-baaah OOOOKAYYYY and uuummmm yaa, mooooooving rtalong. Ummmm hope UUhhhmmm sssssseeeeeeeeeeee you

  4. Something to keep in mind about EOS:
    There are 21 official block producers, however there are dozens of other block producer groups that are constantly competing for one of the top 21 spots.

    What does this mean? Well, if a block producer is โ€œcompromisedโ€ or proven to be a bad actor, the community can easily vote against them as a block producer. If the community testimony leans strongly against the producer, they will fall from grace, leaving space for a better block producer to fill (almost instantly).

    Decentralization is relative, and solutions can be found without simply setting an arbitrary number of 101. There are 21 official block producers, but the community of producers is much more vast than that amount.

    Great vid as always!

  5. Ethereum has more than 8.300 nodes and bitcoin more than 9800…The largest node number I've ever seen in a crypto is that of Ethereum…more than 32.000 nodes. If Ethereum manages to scale the want they want it…the nodes' number will probably make it the largest core network in the world.

  6. The philippines are currently being scammed by multiple bitconnect style ponzi schemes. Look up kapa ministries and you'll see what I mean. It's a megachurch (already a scam) that has started a crypto ponzi promising 300x monthly returns. Thousands of people have over committed to these scams…

    The philippines are in for a horrific crypto crash, probably worse than mtgox I think

  7. Most Mexicans just buy a postal money order at USA post offices and mail the money order back home….ticks me off because I know they are illegal aliens and it takes for ever at the post office now because they are always there sending usa dollars out of the country…I wish they would start using xrp.

  8. Bitcoin only has a handful of mining pools, so it's more centralized than EOS….

    101 Block Producers would increase network latency, consensus / confirmation times and decrease transactions per second. There's always a trade-off. 21 Block Producer's colluding is possible, but less likely than the Bitcoin mining pools colluding, and if 21 BPs attack EOS, would we really be certain it can't happen again if we move to 101???

  9. LEO Token…. just another scam from Bitfinex. They reportedly lost 1B $ in funds and, oh wonder, all of a sudden they create a new token, worth in total exactly 1 B ??? Seriously? Who in this right mind, would ever buy this scam? Honestly, i cant even believe those crocks from Bitfinex are not in jail yet.

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