BINANCE Hack MIGHT Have Been Self-Inflicted?!? Bitcoin is a “Worthless Fraud?”

Binance has been Hacked? Facts, theories, conspiracies, and hypothesis. Everything we all know up to now. Is it even doable this “hack” might have been self-inflicted? Media calls #Bitcoin is a “worthless fraud,” crypto information, and extra!

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Intro Credit:

1:44 Markets ??
3:25 CZ addresses the “hack”
7:45 PoW 51% assault calculated:
9:10 Bitcoin is nugatory?
24:58 The fact about Bitfinex:
26:13 This was self-inflicted?
27:53 Ethereum 2.0:
27:58 Brave Browser (BAT) grwoing)
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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a monetary advisor. This isn’t monetary recommendation. This is simply my opinion. Always do your personal analysis earlier than investing. I’m not liable for your trades…

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  4. They better come up with a better explanation about the hack cause I now lost a lot of trust in Bitcoin… I was thinking invest more in BTC at the next dump but now I will wait much longer! I think we will se a massive dump when Binance reopen also and I'm really scared at the moment that somebody try to reorg the chain and break everything we was working for; better economy, better word with blockchain… all of this is screw if they just think about a rollback!

  5. I've said before, and I will say it again. Many of these high profile crypto talking heads are agents/actrors. Roger Ver and Craig Wright probably take checks from the London "banksters". Jack Ma, Justin Sun, CZ, et al are likely Chinese agents/actors as well. It was CZ's turn to crush Bitcoin sentiment.

  6. Hey man, nice work on the video! Scary shit! Ledger Nanos and large t-shirts rock. I'm unable to figure out what the point of KYC is if you can just withdrawl 7000 BTC unnoticed!

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