BIG TRADE SETUP – PROFIT ON THE WAY! Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum Technical Analysis 8/22/19

Technical Analysis for Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum. Elliott Wave Count. Let’s prepare for this commerce organising.

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  3. Thanks Jim. I’m back in Hawaii after a 10 hour flight with my short still open. That was a tough flight with no wifi haha. I’m looking for the 5th wave down too but we’ll see.

  4. Thank you Jim. Been learning a lot from your TA's. Too bad the time difference as I am on the other side of the world, Cape Town, South Africa. LOL. I also believe BTC going down and my target 9400-9500. In your TA you mention 1 more wave up before going down to my target. Do you think the wave peaked already just below 10300 and now going down? Been in a short that I entered at 10120 for a day now. Cheers

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