Best Crypto Debit Cards 2019 – Coinbase Debit Card, MCO,, TenX, BitPay

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Coinbase Card: Easy to fund, High charges, no credit score, centralised.
MCO Card: Need to fund pockets, Low charges, out there credit score, centralised.
TenX: Need to fund pockets, low feesm no credit score, extra decentralised.
These cryptocurrency debit playing cards are excellent for spending Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS. Which is your favorite bitcoin debit card?
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  1. credit is probably the WORST part of it. great idea if price of bitcoin goes up, but if it goes down when you now have a loan of say 1 bitcoin and bitcoin then crashes… i dont know about this credit yet. it has to stabilize first before you mess around with borrowing a currency that is so volatile.

  2. Crypto has a stable price ? The biggest crypto, Bitcoin, in 2019 was under $4,000 to almost $11,000….that's STABLE right !!! And your false generalization, crypto will be higher in (use whatever time frame you like) There are so many cryptos that saying that crypto (in general) will be higher in price is ludicrous, no doubt many of these will be gone as the money will be going to the big cryptos such as Bitcoin. Oh and of course, governments and their corrupt masters in the banking racket have NO interest in compromising or controlling where money goes. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide 🙂

  3. tenX convert your crypto to cash instantly as you use it.those other cards you have to sell crypto exchange to your money add to your wallet then spend. they suck

  4. All these crypto cards have huge fees. iv got wirex and revolut but its better to just cash in on coinbase and withdraw to paypal and or back to your regular bank. these new banking cards have so mnay teething problems its not funny.

  5. Please compare the new John Mcafee bitcoin cards and the Never Card by Both are the first Non KYC debut cards that work with BWI bank, Vintech Bank , and TD Bank. It works world wide! Totally legit and uses a new patent technology with the QR Scanner. The QR Scanner allows you to convert all of your bank debit card into crypto cards. It amazing!

  6. MCO: "if you refer lots of people you'll get up to 10k$ depending on stake" – no that's not how it works. IE: if you've been staking 50k mco you'll get 100 referral links of 100$ which equals 10k $. What you'll get in return is a bonus worth of specific percentage of 'your' refferals spendings on mco's. It's no secret but requires you to actually read the page instead of guessing. 😉

  7. Can't trust SpectroCoin or AlliedWallet anymore…

    I am sorry but I have had a really bad experience with Spectrocoin and AlliedWallet. Neither party was willing to help resolve my issue with refunding my deposited money on the expensive debit card they provided (I paid $50usd just to receive the card). The card is rendered useless now due to technical difficulties that have been ongoing for months. Spectrocoin said the funds are still with AlliedWallet and not missing until the issues are resolved. This whole matter of back and forth I don't care. I just want my money back! Spectrocoin…you're supposed to be a 'licensed financial institution' and you can't refund people? Don't you have/use insurance for refunding clients in these types of situations?

    Note to self only top up small amounts in case they claim technical difficulties and suspend your card so they can take your money.

    Use another provider for your hard earn cash. Peace out people.

  8. I have to disagree with the biggest selling point for MCO being the Credit. MCO has a airdrop for its token CRO (which is currently 24th in the coinmarket) in which each CRO cost roughly 5p/$0.7. So… what does that mean? Well… for every 1000 MCO you hold, you will receive 5276 (100-527.6)(10-52.76) which means if 1 MCO cost $5 x 1000 = $5,000 and 1 CRO = $0.07 x 5276 = $369.32 a month for "FREE" as you hold 1000 MCO. Air drop is set to last 60 months (5yrs) so if the price of CRO goes up again and let's say for interest sake it reaches $1, your making $5,276 A month… now that's what I call an investment. Transactions fee are less compared to Coinbase and the choices of cards and you definitely under sold… Cards offer great rewards program from free Spotify to Airport Lounge access. Overall great review dude

  9. Hey,

    Have you heard about the Wallet & Card App with Metal MCO Visa Card? Loaded with perks – up to 5% cashback, airport lounge access, free Spotify & Netflix, 10% off Expedia & Airbnb – What’s not to love? Plus it’s the Best Place to Buy Crypto – best pricing & experience.

    To get you started, I am sending you a sign-up bonus of $40.00 USD. Sign up in the app, use my referral link or use the code: Q7BG2N472S when registering.

    I think you will love it!

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