Beginners Guide To Earn Money From BITCOIN INDIA 2020 | Bitcoin In India Legal? | SIP | Bitdroplet

Beginners Guide to Earn Money from Bitcoins India 2020 | Bitcoin in India Legal? | SIP | Bitdroplet

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Bitdroplet is a dollar-cost averaging based mostly funding platform for bitcoin, which enable you to to spend money on bitcoin with a hard and fast quantity in common interval. It is just like Mutual funds SIP. Sip in Bitcoin protects you from market volatility and earn higher revenue in the long run. The neatest thing about investing with Bitdroplet is which you can make investments as soon as in a day/week/month, and make investments as little as $1 a day.

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Beginners Guide To Earn Money From BITCOIN INDIA 2020 | Bitcoin In India Legal? | SIP | Bitdroplet

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  12. Why English people commenting on Hindi Videos related to Bitcoin and promoting Bitcoins. There is definitely some fraud involves. As I seen, in india there will be huge losses comes😂😂😂

  13. Bitcoin is bad for the environment. The higher the bitcoin price, the worse it is for the environment as there will be more bitcoin miners. Mining bitcoin consumes electricity equivalent of a 200 million population at the current price of bitcoin $28000. China is the primary source of Bitcoin mining, and the main source of electricity production is coal, which is also very bad for the environment. Please stop buying bitcoin and stop promoting it as this will eventually kill our Earth. Bitcoin is a negative-sum game, so some people win, and others lose. Cryptocurrency exchanges and bitcoin miners make money, and most of the people lose money. Please research the topic and see for yourself. Examples, and

    Governments will soon realize the devastating effect of bitcoin on the planet, and they will ban it. At that point, business people who promote bitcoin on youtube will be the first to sell and get the profits. We are the poor people who will pay the price and lose our money. Shame on those greedy business people to do this, and please do not listen to them. They bought bitcoin early, and they will make profits by promoting bitcoin. They do not care about us or the environment.

    Please stop buying bitcoin and stop promoting it as this will eventually kill our Earth.

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