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  1. Thanks for your hard work,still like the older intro,but we must adapt. lol.I loved the MACD example, sure would make things easier. But in order to do it that way I had to join the group to make some money Oh yeaaahh

  2. It is silly how every body FUD when BTC price start to retreat.But it is all simple.We are in bull market,and in bull market BTC have healthy consolidations to 21weekly MA.That is very important point Only if we break down 21 week MA,then we are in trouble.
    So Chris ,please dont FUD.

  3. We people get fearful then you should get greedy.

    You all should sell now and I’ll be right behind you buying cheap btc.

    Look back a few weeks when btc went on a parabolic move and then retraced back to 9k odd!

    It’s not rocket science people! This is getting incredibly boring listen to all this nonsense.

  4. Crypto Trading is profitable when you have the right strategies and techniques. No disrespect to this video, I think it's alright but I know something more practical with a proven success record. My humble Regards to Sir Aiden Jackson, Right now I make a minimum of 9.2 BTC every week from 2.5 BTC because I have finally gotten it right. You can follow my footsteps and do the right thing. Write my trader Sir Aiden Jackson on [email protected]
    WhatsApp/Telegram: +13059022448  He has the key to the new age crypto trade.

  5. Hey world, I recently joined Chris's group and his videos rock, lessons so easy for anyone including a chimpanzee to even understand, I was making foolish trades thinking I knew something, don't make my mistake, always invest first in knowledge and find a mentor who can help you succeed just as they have, this is the man, he is dedicated, there is some really knowledgeable members in the group and everyone has a great attitude. I have an extremely busy schedule but because of call outs and understanding what to look for before buying I managed to catch to calls this week earning me 20%. I highly recommended this trading group.

  6. Time to wag the dog and get some DAG! Confirmed, ink on the paper, huge deal with the USAF, probably, Im guessing, will be extended to the new branch of the militiary, " The Space Force". I dont know if you people understand how massive this could be, but usually any company that gets hooked up with the military, BOOMS! Only 4 billion total, you hopefully get the possible picture. Just my 2 cents, check it out! Thanks again for all the great news, Chris!

  7. lol, funny new intro music
    also, just wanna point out that MACD is a lagging indicator. the price moved, causing the MACD to cross. not the other way round.

  8. Price is dropping because Craig lost the case and now 2 billion worth of BTC will have to be dumped on the market to pay for taxes. That's before many still don't want to believe that Paul was also likely involved in that trust. Note that in your charts.

  9. Chris, your new intro music is downright awful. It doesn`t match the content of your videos at all and it`s painful to listen to like most of contemporary autotuned sterile trash "music". It lacks the epicness of your original intro. Please get back to the original. If a copyright was an issue then just change it to something more musical, more serious and most importantly something that would match the content of your videos. Cheers!😎

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