Bakkt Official Launch Date, Ethereum Upgrade, Coinbase Bank & Is Everyone Ready?

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  1. "I wish you could see the chemical activities happening in my brain" Hilarious! Your enthusiasm and optimism are contagious, TMI. Your videos are definitely the highlight of my day. Thanks for everything you do for your viewers and for the crypto space!

  2. Its going to happen im a brexit time traveler and with that happening a revolution whill Comes and bring us all in the 4e dimension Niburu whill be our new home, where anal probing whill be like the new 9 2 5 i wish you all good Luck and stash up all the lube, you can find, ass IT whil be verry expensive

  3. As a trucker I listen to crypto news videos all day and I know my days out here are numbered. They are starting with standard dedicated routes to known terminals first.

  4. At around 9:33, TMI says, "It is fairly obvious. I am certain, that in my view, Bitcoin will hit 100 thousand dollars within the next year."
    I am quoting, commenting, and book marking this! As I write this, it is August 24, 2019 at 0407 hours PST.
    Let's go 100k BTC!!!!

  5. in debt to facebook or fed reserve?this shit has been going on FOR EVEEEEEEEER!only thing changing is packaging.every thing going digital is going to be a severe mistake.weve already got a great simulation to have a 3d expirence……mark my words Armon's sim will not be cool.having said that i do own crypto and will gain from it but will leave the heard before the the great mistake.

  6. Altered Carbon is good way to put crypto currency in that perspective. Just imagine the future. What type of technology we had 20 years ago.. huge cell phones, huge heavy computers and now we have self driving cars. And access to rhe whole world in our pockets. We will keep advancing technologically. Even it it takes 10 years to reach 2 dollars I will keep holding. I believe my children will have my riches.

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