3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Bitcoin Cash In 2019

Learn Why You Should Invest In Bitcoin Cash In 2019

3 Reasons Bitcoin Cash is on Fire!

The Bitcoin Cash Blockchain has extra builders engaged on blockchain developments than another cryptocurrency! The BCH decentralized dev groups are hard-forking to larger blocks (32 megabytes) on May 15, 2019 in an effort to enable over 200 transactions per second; beating out the common TPS of PayPal! The fork additionally turns again on OP Codes re-enabling the Ethereum-style good contract layer that Bitcoin Core shut off on the BTC chain.

NChain launched the Nakasendo SDK by Craig S. Wright, whereas CoinText, Memo.Cash and exploded onto the scene to point out some enjoyable and useful use-cases in SMS texting and social media rivalry. Watch out, twitter and fb! Add in coloured cash, tokenization and the facility of low cost microtransactions through 0-Confirmation velocity, and the world is asking Why did we need Segwit?

Successful testing of on-chain atomic swaps, new privateness options through CashShuffle, and its arduous to say 2019 shall be something however a rocket to the moon for Bitcoin Cash!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Bitcoin Cash In 2019

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  1. Oh my god, time to delete this video ? Or rename it to 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Bitcoin Cash In 2019, cos now it probably can't go lower lol
    In all seriousness I think bitcoin cash could beat bitcoin on the longrun but don't invest in it til we are on a bullish trend ;o

  2. Definitely BIG. I have no idea why Peter (Korean guy in his garage) bashes Bitcoin Cash. I love Peter but he is wrong on BCH.

  3. I just discovered your video. I will be stealing it for my next vid 😉 in a good way! Hopefully you will get a few new subs coming :)) thanks for the awesome breakdown!

  4. good video! i'm no fool only 21 million BCH as well and the community really seems to want to bank the un-banked. I been waiting a long time to see it happen again.

  5. pffft… Bitcoin Core… banker's minions
    Smartest developers my ass.
    Bitcoin cash is real Bitcoin.

  6. i got one big problem with BCH… i already have a bunch and just dont know where to invest my fiat anymore..

    Also when they get to ICOs and have the hashpower to run something like cryptokitties.. watchout worlds weakest russian @vitalik.. thats why vitalik is all over callin craig a fraud. because he knows that BCH has jihan and with him come hashpower.. vitalik lost the game he set out to dominate by knowing nothing about business.

    we are likely to someday need 10-50 transactions per day and if theyre cheap, we miht be able to use hundreds of trx per day. if i could buy bitmain stock i would, in the mean time i got a few BCH.

  7. Nice chill, I didn't know BCH had so many teams building different stuff on it. This whole rivalry and immaturity surrounding BCH vs BTC, shitposting and namecalling on twitter, Ver being a prick, BTC core people being so tribalistic about this, really obfuscates who concretely is BTC core and what they do. Also it's missing an honest and impartial examination of who is BCH where did they go wrong vs. who is BTC what have they done wrong. Could you provide any good review of this debate and what happened?
    As a noob studying crypto for 5 months, it seems to me BCH marketing is poor and Ver is counterproductive to the brand. I had little idea of so much innovation coming from BCH. Where can I learn more about who develops BCH? Do you think it will go up even despite all the prejudice against BCH (cause I think some new people and hodlers can be a bit "dogmatic about this) and hate for Ver?

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