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  1. I told u long time back
    XRP garbage time is OVER FOOLS , good luck listening to $1000 XRP idiots
    Unload garbage and load Gold, SIlver and BTC before its too late
    from Insider

  2. Lol patrick byrne isnt buying xrp. Hes hardcore btc and the other is his own project tzero…quit schilling false info and half truths. Xrp may do ok but not until we see significant volume. 40-50 million isnt gonna cut it

  3. i'm so tired of buying thee coins based on hype that goes on for weeks then the next day after i happen to buy it dips due to some lawsuit or other media story..gets frustrating. Everyday is drastically different. Hope it goes up!

  4. XRP seems to be getting less attention lately but the four-hour chart shows us that XRP/USD has had a bullish breakout from the triangle formation and is looking to quickly increase from its current figure to retest resistance at $0.314. All this being said, XRP is the coin of the future and would gain as much prominence and value as when bitcoin started over a decade ago. The time is right to accumulate by buying a really big bag of not less than 170,000 xrp and holding it or buying a lesser amount and trading to grow it which is what I did but with help using Caleb Easterby’s trade signals. I bought just 30,000 xrp and with his accurate trade signals and other adjoined assistance, I grew my portfolio to over 200% in less than 2 weeks. Easterby ([email protected]) can be reached by mail and other top traders should emulate in assisting others in the crypto space.

  5. The global reset is all about the dividing of time when the Anti Christ comes into the world to reign for a period of 7 years and God’s judgements start. The storm that is coming is the horrific period on earth that will occur when the Anti Christ is empowered by Satan and he takes power along with his army of followers. The One Ripple Riddler video was talking about the Anti Christ. Truth in plain sight. Evil agenda disguised as light. Take the Matrix truth pill which is Jesus!!!!!

    Please watch my video about the connection between XRP, the artificial intelligence agenda and the mark of the beast and the film the Matrix.

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